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Edens Zero by Fairy Tail’s Author Will Get an Anime Adaptation

Edens Zero, an up and coming sci-fi manga, is about to release its 10th volume on June 17. After receiving a positive response from the readers, the manga is getting its anime adaptation.

Hiro Mashima, the manga’s creator, recently announced on Twitter that Edens Zero is getting an anime adaptation. Along with this, he posted an attractive coloured picture of the main characters.

Hiro Mashima, perhaps best known for his work in Fairy Tale, announced in December 2017 that he would soon start a new series. Soon after, Edens Zero made its debut in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine.

This sci-fi story is set in a futuristic world where technology runs on a mysterious force called the Ether. Shiki Granbell, the protagonist, lives in a deserted theme park planet alongside robots. One fateful day, a vlogger and her cat come to record videos on the planet and befriend Shiki.

Edens Zero anime adaptation, release date
Edens Zero | Source: Reddit

The robots, whose batteries are about to deplete, force the trio off the planet. This puts them on an adventurous trip to look for the “Mother,” the fabled goddess of the cosmos.

In the process, Shiki obtains the interstellar warship Edens Zero – Edens being an acronym for “Ether Drive Eternal Navigation System” – which was used during a previous search for Mother.

About Edens Zero

Edens Zero is a Japanese science fiction manga series written and illustrated by Hiro Mashima. It has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine since June 27, 2018, with its chapters collected into nine tankōbon volumes as of April 17, 2020.

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