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Earwig And The Witch Releases Exclusive Interview with Hayao Miyazaki

Everyone’s favorite Studio Ghibli is back with another banger film, Earwig and the Witch. Ghibli has collaborated with NHK to produce this unique 3DCG film, and we’re getting anxious by the minute to see the movie.

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Ghibli is famous for making eccentric movies that radiate comfort and make you feel like a kid in a magical world. This film is going to be something similar but without the classic Ghibli animation style.

 Earwig And The Witch Releases Exclusive Interview With Hayao Miyazaki
Earwig And The Witch | Source: Official Website

It is about a peculiar orphan girl named Earwig who is known for causing trouble. She is soon adopted by Bella Yaga, much to her chagrin, but that’s where the real adventure begins.

Bella Yaga reveals to be a witch and also informs that Earwig is the daughter of a witch. They reach an agreement that Earwig will help in household work if Bella teaches her magic.

What happens next is what you’d expect from a classic Ghibli film, and we cannot wait until it premieres. 

The film will make its worldwide debut on August 27, 2021. The franchise recently revealed a video of Hayao Miyazaki’s interview regarding the movie.

【宮﨑駿ロングインタビュー】『劇場版 アーヤと魔女』8/27公開記念
[Hayao Miyazaki Long Interview] “Aya and the Witch the Movie” 8/27 release commemoration

The whole interview is very mellow and calming. Hayao answers all the questions related to film from his point of view.

He stated his concern for the film being a 3DCG instead of a regular anime style. Miyazaki was skeptical of the art style, but in the end, all turned out well.

Hayao also mentioned how happy the staff was after the preview of the film. Their hard work, patience, and risk were all worth it after all.

The whole world is ready and excited for this upcoming film and what it has in store for us. I mean, I will be missing the classic animation style of the studio, but I’m also pretty thrilled about this new one.

The veteran Ghibli fans have geared up, so should you!

About Earwig and the Witch

The original novel, written by Diana Wynne Jones, was published by HarperCollins in 2011. The story follows Earwig (Aya in the Japanese version), who enjoys living in St. Morwald’s Home for Children. She was dropped by the orphanage’s doorstep as a baby and was well looked after.

One day she gets adopted by a strange couple, who locks her in a mysterious house with magic in every corner of it. She decides to break free from the house, teaching a lesson to the evil witch.

Source: Earwig and the Witch Official Website

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