Dune 3 on Hold: Villeneuve’s Vision Faces One Big Challenge

Denis Villeneuve shares his thoughts on the factors that would decide whether Dune 3 would be greenlit.

The buzz about Dune 3 started surfacing even before Dune: Part Two hit the theaters. 

The second film’s conclusion sets the stage for Herbert’s next book, Dune Messiah. While a third film is likely to be approved, Villeneuve has yet to make any firm decisions.

Dune: Part Two | Official Trailer 3

In a chat with Empire magazine, Denis Villeneuve shares his thoughts on making Dune: Part Three. He mentions that he’s considering taking a break from the Dune series because he’s been deeply involved with it for the last six years. 

However, he’s determined to make Dune: Part Three even more impressive than Part Two, and if he feels that can’t be achieved, he’s not interested in doing it at all. Read his thoughts below:

I felt that it was a good idea to move forward right after Part One. We were already designing, writing et cetera. But it also meant that for six years I was on Arrakis non-stop, and I think it will be healthy to step back a little bit. First, make sure that we have a strong screenplay. The thing I want to avoid is not having something ready. I never did it, and now I feel it could be dangerous because of the enthusiasm. We need to make sure all the ideas are on paper. If we go back, it needs to be real, it needs to be relevant, if ever I do Dune Messiah, [it’s] because it’s going to be better than Part Two. Otherwise, I don’t do it.

Villeneuve had already announced his intention to create a trilogy for Dune, so fans expect him to direct the final installment. 

Villeneuve’s first two Dune films have successfully conveyed the sense that the story isn’t over yet. Dune: Part Two started with its predecessor’s cliffhanger ending and delivered a satiating conclusion, brimming with explosive action scenes and a watertight plot. 

‘Dune Messiah’ delves deeper into the complexities of Paul Atreides’ rule, which is marked by religious wars, plots, and an exploration of the perils associated with messianic leaders.

Moreover, Villeneuve’s slight deviations from the original text hint at a more prominent role for Chani in the upcoming film, and Zendaya’s overwhelming fame will ensure that Dune 3 becomes a success. 

Dune 3 on Hold: Villeneuve’s Vision Faces One Big Challenge
Dune 2 | Source: IMDb

However, the tricky part is that it’s supposed to happen about 12 years after the last one. So, if Denis Villeneuve plans to bring back the same actors, they’ll have to figure out how to deal with the time jump. 

It could mean the actors will need to play characters who are older than they are or get back into roles they haven’t played in a long time. Villeneuve seems up for the challenge and wants to iron out these issues before he goes all in on making Dune: Part Three.

About Dune

Dune (also known as Dune: Part One) is an American sci-fi film based on Frank Herbert’s novel of the same name, directed by Denis Villeneuve.

Part One introduced the planet of Dune/Arrakis, the only place where the enhancer drug “Melange” is found and sought out by many. The Atreides House is sent to the planet as the ruling Duke, as part of their adversaries’ trap. However, the Atreides are aware of the same and aim to defend Dune and their house.

The ensemble cast is made up of Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Josh Brolin, Stellan Skarsgård, Dave Bautista, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Zendaya, David Dastmalchian, Chang Chen, Sharon Duncan-Brewster, Charlotte Rampling, Jason Momoa, and Javier Bardem.

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