Dropkick On My Devil Season 3 Kick Starts Airing In 2022

Dropkick On My Devil is a comedy anime featuring a witch and a devil who are always at each other’s throats.

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Fans will be glad to know that the anime’s third season is greenlit already.

The anime is packed with gags and serves light laughter as the two protagonists are always trying to kill each other. Neither of them succeeds in their task, and the result is always hilarious.

The official Twitter account of Dropkick On My Devil announced that season 3 of the anime is expected to come out in 2022. The new season is titled Dropkick On My Devil X.

2022 will also mark the 10th anniversary of the original manga.

[Large Announcement] Evil God Dropkick 3rd term title is “Evil God Dropkick X”! Scheduled to be broadcast in 2022!

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A crowdfunding campaign for the anime was arranged in late September. The goal of the campaign was to raise 20 million yen. The goal was reached in just 33 hours, and the anime production went underway.

The production will take at least a year, and that is why the anime is scheduled for release in 2022 instead of 2021. The staff faced a dilemma because though they wanted to provide top quality content, the funds were lacking.

Dropkick On My Devil Season 3 Kick
Dropkick On My Devil | Source: Fandom

Because of the success of the crowdfunding campaign, the staff can now provide a full anime television series while providing other content to fans in between.

The anime’s first season premiered in July 2018 and the second in April 2020.

Crunchyroll streams the second season worldwide. Both the seasons were streamed on Amazon Prime Video in Japan.

About Dropkick On My Devil

Dropkick on My Devil! is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Yukiwo. The series began serialization in Flex Comix’s Comic Meteor web magazine in April 2012.

A witch named Yurine Hanazono summons several devils from hell to live with her. The devils must kill Yurine somehow to return to hell.

The devils spend each day unsuccessfully trying to kill Yurine while simultaneously spending time with her.

 Source: Twitter


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