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Dragon Ball Super Dub ends on Toonami

The Tournament of Power concluded on the English Dub version of Dragon Ball Super. After 2 years of running on Adult Swim’s programming block, Toonami brought the series to a close with its latest episode titled ‘The Miraculous Conclusion! Farewell, Goku! Until We Meet Again!’ The Japanese version of the same aired in March last year, however, there is no news of a continuation to the Dragon Ball franchise.

To make this a memorable end, Toonami hosted a marathon of the 11 episodes leading to the finale, last week. This endeavour from Toonami had the desired effect of creating enough hype for the finale, leaving the English Dub fanbase asking for more.

Toei Animation hosted a special panel hosted by the English voice artists of Jiren, Patrick Seitz, alongside a final screening of the series in NYC on Sunday.

The hashtag #dragonballsuper was tweeted out by fans during the screening of the last episode to bid farewell to the series. The finale of the Tournament of Power had a satisfying ending for the fans but left a bittersweet feeling in the chest of the fans. Until next time Goku! 

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