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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91: Release Date, Discussion, and Raw Scans

Chapter 90 of Dragon Ball Super was filled with action and slice-of-life elements, and it did not get boring at any moment, but sadly, this is most likely the last chapter at the boys’ high school. 

The chapter left fans wondering what the future holds for the characters and how their relationships will develop. It also set up potential storylines for the next arc of the series.

Further, as Dr. Hedo is in prison, he vows to create stronger and better androids that foreshadow his finite enemies in the series, but there is still some time until the next chapter is released. So as we wait for the next chapter, here is all the information you need to know.

1. Chapter 91 Discussion

In the next chapter of Dragon Ball Super, a new arc might begin, and the spotlight will shift from Trunks and Goten to the adults. While it was a good break from the serious tone of the manga, fans of the series were a little dissatisfied with the slice-of-life element.

We can expect to see our old heroes and get a better understanding of what Dr. Hedo is planning while he is inside his prison cell and his connection with Dr. Gero.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91: Release Date, Discussion, and Raw Scans
Dr. Hedo | Source: Viz Media

2. Chapter 91 Release Date

Chapter 91 of the Dragon Ball Super manga has been released on Sunday, Mar 19, 2023.

I. Is Dragon Ball Super manga on a break this month?

No, Chapter 91 of Dragon Ball Super is not on a break this month and will be released as per the schedule.

3. Raw Scans and Leaks

Chapter 91 of Dragon Ball Super begins with Piccolo waiting for Pan in front of the school while other children go out to meet their parents. Pan then appears and asks why her father and mother didn’t come, to which Piccolo replies that they both had things to do. 

Pan then starts practicing fighting moves and says that she is Saiyaman, the superhero that Goten and Trunks transform into. 

Piccolo says he doesn’t understand what goes on in the Saiyans’ heads, and Pan says they stopped studying because of it, which made her grandmother very angry. 

The frog that Pan was playing with starts to jump towards the hill, and Piccolo says that it’s dangerous, but Pan goes after it anyway and looks like she’s going to fall, but she holds on to a branch and saves the frog. Piccolo is surprised and asks her if she wants to train with him to become a hero, and Pan is happy, jumping on Piccolo’s head and celebrating. 

Cut to West City, where the police are discussing the Red Ribbon and Magenta, the president of a pharmaceutical company, is associated with the Red Ribbon. Krillin is then called in and explains all about Doctor Hedo, his connection to Doctor Gero, and what he plans to do now. 

Carmine says that they finally managed to find Doctor Hedo but that they don’t need to go after him immediately yet. They will let him do what he is doing until the day comes when they take over the world.

4. Where to read Dragon Ball Super?

5. Chapter 90 Recap

The chapter begins with Krillin investigating three zombies that are on the loose. While asking the citizens and searching, he is able to find the zombies that are working at a convenience store, and he immediately arrests them.

The next panel shows Goten and his friends, including a girl named Fyler, who has a crush on Trunks, as well as why Goten attends the same school as Trunks despite living so far away.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91: Release Date, Discussion, and Raw Scans
Beta 7 | Source: Viz Media

While on their way to school on the bus, Beta 7, an android, abruptly stops the bus after Goten and Trunks. Goten escapes the bus and immediately changes into his superhero suit, easily beating the android.

It’s refreshing to see the spotlight shift to an often-overlooked character. And Goten is one of many supporting characters given some much-needed focus. Even Krillin has some heroic moments in this chapter.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91: Release Date, Discussion, and Raw Scans
Trunks and Mai | Source: Viz Media

Meanwhile, Mai wears an armored gown to accompany Trunks to a school dance. Dr. Hedo interrupts the dance in order to meet famed hero Cleangod, causing Mai to take aim at the villain. Hedo flees, with Krillin and the guys hot on his tail.

Dr. Hedo releases the “Dinodroid,” a less intellectual but significantly more powerful android than the Alpha or Beta series when the trio arrives at his secret stronghold. The monster pins Goten and Trunks until Krillin uses his famous Destructo Disc to turn off the monster’s power switch. Goten and Trunks then transform into Super Saiyans and knock it back before Trunks smashes it.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 91: Release Date, Discussion, and Raw Scans
Dinodroid | Source: Viz Media

Later, in his prison cell, Dr. Hedo swears to create the greatest android. We all know that this foreshadows Cell Max and the Gamma androids. It’s fantastic to get more of Goten’s side of the story since the past two issues have been so focused on Trunks.

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6. About Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super came into serialization in June 2015, edited and illustrated by Akira Toriyama and his protege Toyotaru, respectively.

Dragon Ball Super takes the DB universe to another level by introducing the long asleep God of Destruction, Beerus.

Beerus initially decided to decimate Earth but postpones his plans when discovering the fantastic food he had never eaten. He also hopes to fight Super Saiyajin God one day.

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