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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 Leaks Reveal New Pair of Dragon Balls!

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 has quite a few shocks in store for us. Vegeta is facing Beerus in a fight but he soon realizes the difference between their strengths. Beerus lets out a secret that made me gasp and you will too when you get to know about it!

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The chapter starts in a peaceful setting as it follows Granolah to his current homeland. The planet Cereal was once destroyed by the Saiyans but it was reconstructed by the Heaters and sold to the Sugarians. His grudge against Frieza and the Saiyans is still strong.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Dragon Ball Super.

1. Beerus vs Vegeta

The scene starts with Vegeta talking about how the Saiyans had destroyed many planets under the control of Frieza. He states that it was due to his own decision rather than Frieza’s that the destruction took place.

Beerus says that Vegeta’s feelings about his past have a great deal to do with the technique that he is about to learn then proceeds to destroy a ‘decoration planet’ in the blink of an eye. He then pushes Vegeta’s face against the ground and states, “The one who suggested Freiza to destroy the Saiyans…was me.”

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 Leaks Reveal New Pair
Vegeta vs Beerus | Source: Fandom

Vegeta turns into Super Saiyan Blue but still couldn’t put a scratch on Beerus. To learn Beerus’ power, Vegeta has to let go of regrets and think of nothing but destruction!

2. A Pair of Dragon Balls Instead of Seven!?

The Heaters search through the footage in Seven-Three before realizing that Saganbo and the others had escaped the Galactic Prison due to a wish made to the Dragon Balls. They start connecting some dots to other weird things that have been happening like Frieza’s revival.

Monaito is a Namekian who used to live on the planet Cereal and had escaped his destruction. He currently lives with Granolah.

Back on planet Cereal, Granola returns home and talks to Monaito casually. There is a one-star Dragon Ball in their house but the second ball is lost. Since Monaito is a Namekian, he may be the maker of the balls. However, the most shocking thing is that, in this case, only two orbs are needed to grant a wish.

Through Moori’s teachings in New Namek, it is confirmed that Monaito may be capable of making Dragon Balls. If Monaito dies, the orbs will lose their power.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 Leaks Reveal New Pair
Granolah | Source: Fandom

Granolah is told not to use the Dragon Balls but as soon as he gets the chance, he discovers the second ball and wishes to be “the strongest warrior in the universe.”

Is this the birth of the strongest warrior that was predicted in the previous chapters? However, we still don’t know about the limits of Monaito’s Dragon Balls especially since they are so far smaller than the Earth’s ones.

At the same time, we cannot ignore Vegeta’s training. He needs to think of nothing but destruction to truly use Beerus’s powers. Or is the actual danger Frieza who still remains out of sight? The question behind his revival still remains.

Grave suspense is building up in the manga and the next chapter will show whether Granolah’s wish has actually been granted.

3. About Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super came into serialization in June 2015, edited and illustrated by Akira Toriyama and his protege Toyotaru, respectively.

Dragon Ball Super takes the DB universe to another level by introducing the long asleep God of Destruction, Beerus.

Beerus initially decided to decimate Earth but postpones his plans when discovering the fantastic food he had never eaten. He also hopes to fight Super Saiyajin God one day.

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