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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 SPOILERS Released: Moro vs. Goku

After the Dragon Ball Super anime ended with the Tournament of Power arc, the manga is continuing with the Galactic Patrol Prisoner Arc, with the antagonist “Moro”, The World Eater.

The world eater has his eyes on Earth, lusting after the Ki of Z Fighters. However, Jaco convinces Moro to let the Earthlings train for another two months so that he can have an even more finger-licking meal.

With Goku’s training finally done, Vegeta is still out of the picture. However, you can bet it will take both of them together to deal with Moro. Goku’s entry to the scene marks the start of this epic final battle.

Twitter user @DBSChronicles has Tweeted some raw scans for the upcoming chapter 60 of Dragon Ball Super.

The title of the upcoming chapter will be “Merus’ Miscalculation”. Furthermore, the leaks show Goku and Moro fighting in full fling, both having similar ki blast radius at first.

However, Goku shows how much of a God he has become after the training, with an insane ki blast which pushes Moro into the sky.

While Goku flies towards Moro, Moro prepares a power ball but turns out it is not fast enough to get Goku. Instead, Goku hits him with a big elbow and then kicks him in the gut.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 60 updates

Moro is looking helpless at this point, but we can’t expect him to lose too soon. Even though Goku is surpassing Boro at the time, Boro will surely make a comeback and turn the tables.

As we all know, boss level fights in Dragon Ball do not disappoint when it comes to twists. It will be interesting to see how the fight unfolds in the upcoming chapters.

About Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super came into serialization in June 2015, edited and illustrated by Akira Toriyama and his protege Toyotaru, respectively.

Dragon Ball Super takes the DB universe to another level by introducing the long asleep God of Destruction, Beerus.

Beerus initially decides to decimate Earth but postpones his plans when he discovers the fantastic food he had never eaten and hopes to fight Super Saiyajin God one day.

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