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Does Zenitsu Overcome his Fear and Become Brave?

Zenitsu is one of the funniest characters I’ve seen for a while in anime and manga: he’s cowardly but comedic; realizes his weaknesses more than his strengths, and may seem the weakest link compared to his comrades-in-arms.

But let’s face the truth: his personality won the hearts of many fans, including myself.

So, you ask yourself: how does this scaredy-cat, yellow-haired boy become brave in the manga? And did he overcome his fear?

Hello and welcome! Today, allow me to enlighten your minds on Zenitsu’s strengths and weaknesses.

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Demon Slayer.

Does Zenitsu Overcome His Fear and Become Brave?

Zenitsu overcame his fear and became brave. This is evident when he fought Kaigaku (the new Upper Demon Six who replaced Daki and Gyūtarō) during the Infinity Castle raid.

Does Zenitsu Overcome his Fear and Become Brave?
Zenitsu | Source: IMDb

The awaited face-off between Zenitsu and his senpai (yes, Zenitsu’s “senpai”) transpired in Muzan’s rotating lair. Kaigaku mocked Jigoro Kuwajima (the former Lighting Hashira) in front of Zenitsu.

Jigoro might be his and Zenitsu’s sensei, but Kaigaku only sees the old man as useless and good-for-nothing. Not once did he even wear the kimono that Jigoro gave to him.

Hearing Kaigaku spout such mean words only puts Zenitsu on edge. So, Zenitsu made a comeback by saying, “Remember that you’re only an Upper Moon replacement.” to defend his kind-hearted swords-master, Jigoro.

Saying such sarcastic remarks to Kaigaku would put any Demon Slayer Corps on death’s door. It may be a small step for Zenitsu, but it’s the start of a big conquest to overcome fear.

Zenitsu couldn’t say such words to his demonic enemies in the early series of the manga. Now, Zenitsu can and to a cruel senpai no less.

It only takes a few simple words to open the pathways towards bravery; so, fans of Zenitsu are happy that their favorite yellow-haired boy is finally conquering his fears.

Did Zenitsu Kill an Upper Demon?

Even if he is not a Hashira, Zenitsu single-handedly slashed the head of his former “friend” and senpai, Kaigaku. He created a unique form of Thunder Breathing and utilized it to severe the head of his enemy.

Remember how Kaigaku became Zenitsu’s “senpai”? They were merely training under the former Thunder Hashira, Jigoro Kuwajima (the man whom we all thought was Zenitsu’s grandfather at the beginning of the series but was really his mentor or trainer).

Does Zenitsu Overcome his Fear and Become Brave?
Zenitsu vs Daki | Source: Fandom

During their training, Kaigaku must have emphasized his superiority and forced Zenitsu to call him “senpai”. He has bragging rights after all after showcasing his “strengths” to oppose demons.

Zenitsu just went with it. He’s already feeling inferior enough to Kaigaku; so, why oppose him and create more discord? This must be Zenitsu’s mindset when he was still a student-in-training under the former Light Hashira.

Avoiding a fight by conceding how your senpai is superior to you might be the best course, but it’s not without its drawbacks.

It gave Zenitsu a cowardly personality. And whenever he sees girls, he asks them to marry him because he’s afraid he might not survive the next demonic battle he’ll encounter.

Zenitsu paid for his mistakes with Kaigaku through his cowardly personality and by “forfeiting the marriage proposals he could have had with different ladies, to say the least.

Also, it’s already insulting for Kaigaku to become a replacement for the original demons who formerly hold the Upper Demon Six position. After all, if it were not for the deceased Daki and Gyūtarō, the position wouldn’t even be available in the first place.

How many Forms of Thunder Breathing Techniques are there?

Technically, there are only 6 forms of the Thunder Breathing technique. But Zenitsu created the Seventh Form of the Thunder Breathing technique to defeat Kaigaku.

Zenitsu All Thunder Breathing
Zenitsu All Thunder Breathing

Zenitsu was not a Hashira when he defeated Kagaku, but one can’t deny that his power levels increased to match that of a Hashira.

Remember that overcoming fear isn’t an easy thing even in anime and manga. The characters we read about may possess super strength. But let’s not forget that their emotions and mental fortitudes are based on human nature.

While it’s true that the stories and characters are fiction, their varying emotions (such as the way they show tears, compassion, and happiness) are reflective of a functioning and operative human being.

So, the moment I saw Zenitsu overcoming his worst nightmares in the manga, it shocks and inspires many fans, including myself.

Zenitsu may be cowardly, but his personality won the hearts of many fans:

  1. He can battle demonic foes victoriously while he is asleep. Then, he wakes minutes later without ever realizing the dire events that transpired.
  2. He bickers a lot with Tanjirō and Inosuke after mistakenly thinking they’re flirting with girls. But Zenitsu makes up with them again after the trio victoriously decapitates a sadistic demon
  3. And despite Zenitsu’s scaredy-cat nature, the most important romance that the series can give to its viewers is how Zenitsu is crushing on the adorable Nezuko-chan (Tanjirō’s demon-turned sister).

The three points above may not be acts of bravery. But without them, Zenitsu would just be a shell of himself.

Does Zenitsu Overcome his Fear and Become Brave?
Zenitsu Agatsuma | Source: Fandom

If Zenitsu remained an unlikeable character throughout the series, why would fans even care what he does and who he kills later in Demon Slayer?

It’s because Zenitsu is such a fun and fabulous character that fans care how he becomes brave and overcomes his fears in the rest of the series.

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