Does someone die in Ozark Season 4 Part 1?

Ozark season 4 has been laying the groundwork to say goodbye to its audiences, as it is the final season of the series. Ozark’s premise was that Marty Byrde was forced into money laundering to save his and his family’s lives.

Now, in season 4, Marty may finally have a chance to walk away from all of it — but of course, it comes at a cost. It is only right that the show goes out with a bang, which might as well be the sound of a gun being pulled on quite a few significant characters.

Five characters have died so far in the first half of Netflix’s Ozark season 4. These include including Sheriff John Nix, Brinkley Simmons, and Frank Cosgrove Sr. The two deaths that utterly shocked the audience are that of Darlene Snell and Wyatt Langmore.

Let’s dissect what led to each of these characters’ deaths!

1. List of Characters Who Die in Ozark Season 4

  • Darlene Snell
  • Wyatt Langmore
  • Sheriff John Nix
  • Brinkley Simmons
  • Frank Cosgrove Sr
Does someone die in Ozark Season 4 Part 1?
Darlene Snell and Wyatt Langmore

I. How do Darlene Snell and Wyatt Langmore die in Ozark Season 4?

Ozark season 4 part 1 sure had an explosive ending, with Javi waiting to pull the trigger on the newly-wed Darlene and Wyatt. You see, Javi has time and again been asking Darlene to stop producing heroin. But without any real weight to pull around, Javi’s orders fell flat, and Darlene continued her business.

That is until, in episode 7, when Javi acquires protection through his deal with the FBI. Deciding enough is enough, Javi tracks Darlene to her house and shoots her in the chest when she’s in the middle of pleading to him. He also kills Wyatt next to her, claiming he doesn’t know who he is but obviously does not want to leave any witnesses alive.

As Darlene was one of the show’s main antagonists, this mid-season cliffhanger blindsided fans like none other! It is needless to say that Ruth, who found their bodies, will be hot on Javi’s trail to exact revenge for her cousin Wyatt and ruining her business prospects.

2. Why did Javi kill Sheriff John Nix?

Sheriff Nix’s death opens up Ozark season 4, taking place in episode 1 itself.

Does someone die in Ozark Season 4 Part 1?
John Nix

Marty and Wendy join hands with Javi at Navarro’s behest. But Navarro warns the two that his nephew is impatient to take over and won’t hesitate to kill if he senses any weakness.

Navarro’s predictions are not too far off — Once informed that Darlene isn’t stopping her heroin farming due to her connections with Sheriff Nix, Javi kills off Nix to send a warning to Darlene.

3. Why does Darlene kill Brinkley Simmons (Kerry Stone’s driver)?

One of the major plotlines in Ozark season 4 is Ruth’s attempts of making profits from Darlene’s heroin business. Although Ruth finds an interested business partner in Kerry Stone, Darlene turns him down.

Does someone die in Ozark Season 4 Part 1?

Not wanting to give up yet, Ruth tries to spend more time with Kerry to get him to patch things with Darlene. However, their clubbing takes a turn for the worst when Kerry nearly OD’s in Missouri Belle.

Kerry’s driver, Brinkley Simmons, takes Ruth to Darlene in order to clear the mess, lest Missouri Bell comes under bad press. But he makes one big mistake — he starts blackmailing Darlene, asking her for compensation to keep his mouth shut about the scandal.

The impulsive Darlene sure shuts up his mouth by killing him on the spot.

4. Who kills Frank Cosgrove Sr?

Frank Cosgrove Sr’s demise also comes at the hands of Darlene.

Does someone die in Ozark Season 4 Part 1?
Frank Cosgrove Sr

Frank, as we know, is the head of the Kansas City mobsters and has loaned Darlene an awful lot of money. That, coupled with the fact that Darlene had gone behind his back to make a deal with his son, enrages him.

Frank confronts Darlene, only to be refused by her. Darlene offers drugs as remission but Frank declines, pulling at a sour nerve and calling Darlene an unfit mother to Zeke. This can end only one way, that is, with Darlene pointing her shotgun at Frank and killing him.

5. Unconfirmed Deaths

In Ozark season 4 episode 6, a truck driver hired by Javi detonates a bomb causing several people to get injured (none of the main characters). However, no casualties have been confirmed on-screen. It is yet to be seen if this bombing’s repercussions will carry forward in Ozark season 4 part 2.

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6. About Ozark

Ozark is an American crime drama starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. It is a crime drama mixed with family concept and is created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Willaims. Bateman also serves as a co-producer of the show.

Ozark debuted on Netflix in 2017 and soon received favorable reviews, becoming a favorite. It received 32 Emmy Award nominations, including two for Outstanding Drama Series. It even earned Bateman an Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series and Julia Garner an Outstanding Supporting Actress twice in a row.

The plot revolves the Byrde family, with Marty and Wendy losing a money laundering scheme for a Mexican drug cartel and relocating to Missouri, with their family. Things start turning for the worse as they get entangled deeper into the organized crime world, including the biggest mafias.

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