Does Someone Die In Cobra Kai?

Cobra Kai season 2 left us with a jaw-drop, gut-wrench, and eye-pop when Miguel was sent flying off the first-floor railing by Robby — right after the most beautiful show of mercy.

Miguel’s fall becomes the last insane thing to happen at West Valley High, and everybody (including us) is sent home wondering if the kid will survive or not.

But even though you may think this article is all about Miguel, it is also about the other person on the show who was also on his death bed. Read on to find out.

By the way, spoiler alert. There will be some major plot points revealed henceforth, read at your own risk. (The show is amazing. I’d rather you watched it and then looked up who dies in the end.)

So does someone die in Cobra Kai — yes. Is it Miguel — no. By the end of season 2, we know for a fact that Miguel is critically injured, in a coma, and has a broken back — but is still breathing.

He might even live to fight another day in the upcoming season 3. The one who does die on the show is actually Johnny’s old friend and one of the original Cobra Kai, Tommy (Rob Garrison).

What’s more, the actor Rob Garrison passed away in real life soon after his character died on the show, in 2019. (What is this sorcery?!)

Main Characters

While no main character has died in Cobra Kai yet, but, Miguel would be the first choice if one were to die.

Official Cobra Kai Trailer - The Karate Kid saga continues
Cobra Kai Official Trailer

Side Characters

Tommy, one of the antagonists of the original The Karate Kid dies in the series. He was known for being the most vocal of the Cobra Kai gang a trait shared with Dutch.

So far, only one person dies on the show — Johnny’s longtime friend, Tommy (Robert Scott Garrison).

The bald older man we meet in Cobra Kai is actually the cheeky little teenager from the original Karate Kid, in awe of Johnny’s charisma and secretly in love with his girlfriend.

In the episode titled, “Make a right”, we see Johnny take an unexpected road trip with friends since Tommy is dying. He has cancer, and any moment could be his last.

In one of the best high school reunions ever committed to film, the original Cobra Kai members get together as middle-aged men in a seedy bar, reminiscing their crazy teen years.

There is the inevitable pub brawl, and the Cobras leave the bar having knocked out a bunch of eve-teasers. The night ends around a bonfire where Tommy confesses to Johnny of his love for Ali.

When asked why he never said anything before, Tommy simply reasons because Johnny had her first.

The next morning, the group wakes up to a cold Tommy who passes away in his sleep.

Tommy’s Death Scene

While the whole Tommy detour the story takes is unusually warm yet necessary for Johnny, the only spooky thing was that actor Rob Garrison, who also played Tommy in the Karate Kid trilogy, also passed away soon after.

Season 2 premiered on April 24, 2019, and Rob passed away on September 27, 2019, reportedly due to liver and kidney troubles.

When will Miguel die in Cobra Kai?

We all know the backstory here. Robby is Johnny’s son, but while Johnny is a surrogate father to Miguel, Robby lives with the LaRusso family.

In season 2, Miguel and Sam have broken up and are seeing Tory and Robby, respectively. But Miguel and Sam have a drunken lock of lips at Moon’s party, making a fight inevitable. 

The next day at school, Miguel’s girlfriend Tory picks a fight with Sam, which soon spirals into an all out Cobra Kai dojo vs. Miyagi Do battle.

West Valley High turns into a battleground with little foot soldiers pitching in at their respective levels before we know it. Sam vs. Tory, Robby vs. Miguel, Hawk vs. Demetri, Mitch vs. Chris — in a way, a karate tournament ensues, but as Tory says, there are no rules this time.

The episode ends with Robby kicking Miguel in the face, which throws him over the first-floor railing down on the stairwell below.

does someone die in cobra kai
Miguel, Cobra Kai

As we see Miguel fall on the staircase in slow motion, several heartbeats are skipped. Does he survive? (skip) What happens to Robby now? (skip) How will Johnny bear that his son killed his best student? (skip) Wait, does he really die? (no skip)

So the thing is Miguel is too loved at the moment. He is the epitome of the chocolate boy — hell, he is chocolate himself. You cannot kill chocolate. Chocolate is supposed to kill you with sweet smiles and hairpin curves for smiles. It would be crazy to think that the writers will kill off Miguel.

What’s more, we have a sort of confirmation by Xolo Mariduena, the actor playing Miguel, that he is returning for season 3.

Now does he return to die or recover and fight again — we cannot say for sure. But Xolo Mariduena did return to shoot for season 3, as per this tweet from November 2019.

So as of season 2, Miguel is not dead yet. He even definitely returns in season 3. But for how long does he stay alive remains to be seen.

About Cobra Kai

The YouTube revival series Cobra Kai follows the rivalry between Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) and Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), from the hit 80s martial arts film The Karate Kid.

Set 35 years after the first Karate Kid movie’s events, the series follows Daniel and Johnny as they run competing dojos. In season 2, the duo engages in a cold war.

However, the war blows out of proportion when an all-out brawl breaks on the school campus between students of the two karate teachers.

The madness ends with Johnny’s student Miguel (Xolo Mariduena) getting critically injured after being kicked off the first floor by Daniel’s student Robby (Tanner Buchanan).

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