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Does Itachi Uchiha Get Reanimated in Boruto Series?

Though Boruto is essentially a sequel that focuses on a brand-new cast, it also manages to delight its loyal fans by sneaking in tidbits of fan-favorite characters.

Following the brief mention of other major characters like Jiraiya in the series, rumors regarding the return of Itachi Uchiha, one of the worst brothers in anime history, have been making rounds in the fandom.

However, Itachi hasn’t been reanimated in Boruto, and the chances of the clan killer ever making a debut in the sequel are quite low. The news of his revival in Boruto was fake. 

This doesn’t mean Itachi is totally out of the picture. He has left a lasting impact on many characters in the series, and he does appear in the series through flashbacks. 

References to Itachi in Boruto

The existence of Itachi is only briefly mentioned throughout the series. Since he committed many unforgivable crimes in his life, most of the characters who knew him harbor a hush-hush attitude regarding him.

1. Sasuke’s flashback in Episode 95

Itachi appears briefly during a flashback sequence in episode 95. It’s Parent and Child Day, so Sasuke attempts to bond with Sarada when he comes back to Konohagakure.

Does Itachi Uchiha Get Reanimated in Boruto Series?
Sasuke trying to bond with Sarada | Source: IMDb

However, his attempts to bond with his daughter fail. Both of them spot Naruto carrying on his Himawari, which prompts Sasuke to have a flashback of his own brother carrying him on his back.

Sasuke has another flashback about Itachi later on, when he is on his way to find Sarada. He becomes nostalgic about his shuriken training with Itachi. We can clearly see that Itachi still occupies a huge space in Sasuke’s heart, even though he’s dead.

2. Sarada’s dream

Be it Sarada’s Ninjutsu or her ideals, it’s clear that she’s meant to carry the torch of the Uchiha clan. You can see so much of her father and her uncle in her, and Boruto points out these obvious similarities subtly at times.

One such instance is the answer she gives to Boruto when he asks about her future plans in episode 35. Sarada answers that she wants to be a Hokage.

But what we need to focus on is not her answer, but rather how she defines a ‘Hokage’. Sarada says that to become a Hokage, one needs to be a worthy shinobi that is acknowledged by others. 

This statement sounds awfully similar to Itachi’s speech to Naruto during the Great Ninja War. He thinks that only those who are acknowledged become Hokage.

Other than her ideals, we also see Sarada use a Genjutsu that her uncle had used many times in the past to manipulate the minds of others who look into his eyes. 

Does Itachi Uchiha Get Reanimated in Boruto Series?
Sarada’s Sharingan looks similar to Itachi’s Genjutsu | Source: Fandom

Will Itachi appear in Boruto? Possible Theory

The chances of Itachi reanimating in Boruto are pretty slim, but there’s no harm in hoping, right? Fans have been speculating about the appearance of an Itachi clone, following the debut of Jiraiya’s clone, Kashin Koji. 

Does Itachi Uchiha Get Reanimated in Boruto Series?
Kashin Koji and Delta, two clones made by Amado | Source: Fandom

However, it remains to be seen whether Amado has created clones of other characters besides Jiraiya. 

Another fan theory talks about Sasuke bringing back an illusory clone of Itachi using Genjutsu, so he can awaken Mangekyo Sharingan in Sarada. However, it’s very unlikely that Sasuke will bring back his brother just to cause Mangekyo Awakening in her.

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