Does Fran Ever Evolve in Reincarnated as a Sword?

Reincarnated as a Sword is a fantasy anime series that has captured the hearts of many fans, and one of the most beloved characters in the show is Fran, the adorable cat-girl.

I really admire Fran’s determination and never-give-up attitude. Even when faced with complex and challenging situations, she always comes out on top.

Does our beloved cat-girl achieve the transformation she has been diligently pursuing? Absolutely!

Does Fran Ever Evolve in Reincarnated as a Sword?
Reincarnated as a Sword | Source: Fandom

Fran goes through a rare variant of Black Cat evolution and even earns the title “Black Lightning Princess!” She achieved an ultra-rare Black Heavenly Tiger form, which was once considered a divine beast evolution with royal status.

Let’s delve deeper into the wonderful world of Reincarnated as a Sword and the evolution of our favorite feline heroine! 

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from Reincarnated as a Sword (manga and anime).

1. When Does Fran Evolve?

She started as an ordinary black cat, but thanks to her master’s guidance and her determination, she went through a rare variant of Black Cat evolution and became the ultra-rare Black Heavenly Tiger.

It is fascinating how Fran managed to evolve differently from the usual process.

Does Fran Ever Evolve in Reincarnated as a Sword?
Reincarnated as a Sword Vol 6 cover | Source: Fandom

During Lumina’s test, she summoned a monster with the ability “Awaken,” and Fran and Teacher were able to defeat it. After the battle, they absorbed the monster’s Awaken skill, and Fran equipped it, which led to her evolution.

However, things became complicated when it was discovered that any black cat who became the sword’s user could also access the Awaken ability and evolve without completing the trial set out by the gods. 

Does Fran Ever Evolve in Reincarnated as a Sword?
Chaos God | Source: Fandom

The Chaos God intervened and blocked user registration for anyone except Fran until she died.

2. How does Fran’s evolution impact her abilities?

Fran’s Black Heavenly Tiger form was a game-changer for her abilities in battle. She became a force to be reckoned with, and everyone took notice.

Fran’s agility and magic increased by 300 points, and her health and mana were fully replenished after her evolution. Additionally, she gained the Class Skill Flashing Thunderclap.

Fran’s evolution increased her level, and her Sword art evolved into Sword Lord art. She became equal to a one-man army, defeating two experienced A-ranked adventurers in a 1v1 match.

Does Fran Ever Evolve in Reincarnated as a Sword?
Reincarnated as a Sword Vol 2 | Source: Fandom

But it wasn’t just about her newfound power. Fran’s evolution also had a significant impact on the discrimination and violence that the Black Cat tribe had endured for so long. After she became a legend, no one dared to mock or disrespect her tribe again.

Overall, Fran’s evolution not only made her more powerful in battle but also had a profound impact on the world around her.

3. What does Fran’s evolved form look like?

I absolutely love Fran’s new look in her Black Heavenly Tiger form!

Fran’s golden-colored eyes and tail with alternating black and ash-grey stripes made her look even more fierce and beautiful. One of Fran’s most impressive changes after her evolution was her black lightning.

Does Fran Ever Evolve in Reincarnated as a Sword?
Fran’s eye | Source: Fandom

It was rare to see black lightning, which set her apart from other Black Tigers like Rumina, who had the standard blue lightning.

Being captivated by her beautiful and petite appearance, people ranging from adventurers to slave traders attempted to bother Fran. However, they soon learned that Fran’s combat abilities were nothing to scoff at.

4. Why was it so difficult for Fran to evolve?

Due to a curse imposed by the Gods, the Black Cat tribe could not evolve like other beastkin. As a result, Fran faced numerous challenges in her evolution. The curse had caused her tribe to suffer for 500 years.

Despite the tribe’s efforts, no black cat could break the curse, leaving them without hope. Unfortunately, Fran’s parents also perished in their struggle to find a way to overcome the curse.

Does Fran Ever Evolve in Reincarnated as a Sword?
Fran with Teacher | Source: Fandom

The curse itself had come about because of the foolish actions of a Beast King from the Black Cat tribe, who had unsealed a body part of an Evil God to absorb its powers and become stronger.

This action resulted in the creation of black cat fiends, which the Beast King could not control. These fiends went berserk and started a war with other Beastkin tribes, causing chaos and destruction.

As a punishment for the Beast King’s actions, the Gods had put the Black Cat Tribe under the curse.

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5. About Reincarnated as a Sword

Also known as TenKen, it is a Japanese light novel series written by Yuu Tanaka and illustrated by Llo. It started as a web novel on the Shōsetsuka ni Narō website in October 2015.

The plot revolves around a person who finds himself in another world reincarnated as a sword after dying in the human world. He has no recollection of his name but weirdly remembers everything else from his life as a human. Accepting his fate, he looks for someone who can own him.

A catgirl slave named Fran soon discovers the sword, uses it to kill a two-headed bear, and gives it the name “Teacher”. The duo then embarks on an adventure.

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