Does Dying Light 2 have New Game Plus in PS4/5? Post-Completion Guide

Prior to release, Techland claimed that Dying Light 2 would consist of over 500 hours of gameplay, encompassing a substantial 20-hour main campaign, 60 hours of side content, and an arsenal of encounters and collectibles. 

Although these numbers were tampered with for promotional purposes, Dying Light 2 is still a huge game. Quite often, players require only over 100 hours to beat the game’s main story.

If you wish to experience the game for longer hours, you might wonder whether Dying Light 2 has the New Game+ mode.

Fortunately, Dying Light 2 does have the New Game Plus mode. Even though the game didn’t possess the highly anticipated mode at launch, Title Update 1.3.0 added it following a wave of public requests. The NG+ mode in Dying Light 2 serves its function by allowing players to return to Villedor with all their progress and increased enemy difficulty. 

The NG+ mode in Dying Light 2 also includes new enemy behavior, more troublesome encounters, new objects within the world like the latest inhibitors, and an extra weapon tier. 

Here’s more about the New Game Plus mode, how to access it, and post-game content in Dying Light 2.

1. Does Dying Light 2 have post-game content?

Does Dying Light 2 have New Game Plus in PS4/5? Post-Completion Guide
Message Before the Epilogue in DL2

Yes, there’s considerable post-game content in Dying Light 2. Once you’ve made your choices and wrapped up the epilogues in the game, a few story moments will return to their original state to make particular quests and activities available. Furthermore, you can continue exploring the city, gaining loot, and finishing side quests. 

Whether you progress through the epilogue by beating mission X13 or taking a different route, like finding a way to your ride in mission Assassination, the time will be rewound before the last point-of-no-return. Nonetheless, there are a few differences, such as the following.

  • Your GRE Access Key is back in your possession.
  • The city of Villedor may have changed depending on your choices in the epilogue.
  • You cannot replay the epilogue – the quests are marked as complete in your journal.
  • The game will continue to scale to your progress, both in difficulty and in loot quality.

If you enter the epilogue via mission Assassination, your point-of-no-return is the door with the following message behind it.

“Advancing the main story beyond this point will trigger the epilogue. Make sure to complete any unfinished business in the city before continuing.”

But, if you wait for the epilogue until mission X13, the epilogue will begin at the very end of this mission. Also, based on your choices throughout the campaign and in the aforementioned mission, there are three possible endings to the game’s main story.

  1. Aiden saves Lawan, but most people in Villedor die
  2. Aiden saves the city, but Lawan dies
  3. Aiden saves the city, and Hakon saves Lawan

2. Can you still play Dying Light 2 after you complete the game?

Does Dying Light 2 have New Game Plus in PS4/5? Post-Completion Guide
Still from Dying Light 2’s Gameplay

Yes, you can keep playing Dying Light 2 after completing its main missions. Also, to clarify, you keep playing the game after finishing the epilogue. In addition, the presence of New Game Plus allows you to carry over your endgame progress to play a fresh campaign, similar to playing Dying Light 2 after finishing it.

But, before moving on to the New Game Plus, there are a ton of things for players to do in the post-game. Here are the various things you can do in Dying Light 2 after beating its main campaign.

3. What to do in Dying Light 2 after you complete it?

Does Dying Light 2 have New Game Plus in PS4/5? Post-Completion Guide
Message Post-Completion of the Main Story in DL2

After beating the main quests in Dying Light 2, there are a bunch of endgame activities players can participate in. You can battle with significantly stronger enemies as they scale up to your progress. Additionally, you may go co-op to spend time helping your friends beat the main story or team up to wreak havoc on the evil forces in the city.

Mentioned below are the various endgame activities you can indulge in after completing the main story in Dying Light 2.

  • Finish the Windmill Jumping Puzzles in Dying Light 2
  • Collect all of the item and weapon blueprints
  • Find all collectibles
  • Overcome combat and parkour challenges
  • Acquire all inhibitors in GRE Quarantine Buildings
  • Loot Forsaken Stores, Dark Hollows, Evacuation Convoys, Military Convoys, and Safes
  • Assign the remaining Electrical Stations and Water Towers 
  • Finish the remaining Faction Activities
  • Hijack Radio Towers, Airdrops, Bandit Camps, Nightrunner’s Hideouts, Metro Stations
  • Locate and defeat GRE Anomalies
  • Explore all Landmarks and UV Lamps

4. What happens when you start a new game in Dying Light 2?

Does Dying Light 2 have New Game Plus in PS4/5? Post-Completion Guide
Starting a New Game in DL2

Like most action-adventure games, you can start a new game in Dying Light 2 by saving your current progress, heading to the main menu, and clicking “New Game.” However, there is no way to save your progress in Dying Light 2 manually. 

The closest players can come to a manual-save is by sleeping on a bed. Interestingly, the game features an autosave, which will automatically save your progress in the autosave file slot. 

Additionally, go to “Load Game” in the menu and select “New Game” to trigger a campaign resembling your initial run in Dying Light 2. Simply put, the enemy difficulty level and reward return rate will remain the save, and collected items won’t be available.

However, if players start a new game by transferring to New Game Plus in Dying Light 2, they’ll retain all their progress and equipment. Also, the enemy difficulty level and reward return rate are enhanced in this mode, unlike the typical New Game.

5. How to access the New Game Plus mode in Dying Light 2?

Does Dying Light 2 have New Game Plus in PS4/5? Post-Completion Guide
Main Menu Displaying the NG+ Mode in DL2

To access and begin the New Game Plus mode in Dying Light 2, players must complete the game’s main story, consisting of 28 main quests. Once you finish the last main mission, X13, you’ll experience one of the game’s many endings. Subsequently, you need to select the New Game+ mode option when prompted. 

Selecting the NG+ option will send you back to the point where you’re searching abandoned houses with Spike at the beginning. However, this time, you’ll have all the gear and items you had before finishing the game. 

Listed below are the various items/stats from your progress that’ll carry over to the New Game+ mode in Dying Light 2.

  • All Skills
  • All Items (Except Nightrunner Tools)
  • All Weapons

As mentioned above, the Nightrunner tools won’t carry over to the New Game+ mode after you beat the main story in Dying Light 2.

6. More About the NG+ Mode in Dying Light 2

Does Dying Light 2 have New Game Plus in PS4/5? Post-Completion Guide
A Volatile in DL2

Specifically, the following inclusions in the NG+ mode offer it an edge over the basic New Game mode in Dying Light.

  • 30 new inhibitors
  • New platinum objectives for parkour challenges
  • Updated distribution of the enemies (Volatiles and Banshee spawn during the night, a wider variety of enemy pools in encounters)
  • A new legendary weapon tier
  • Gold encounters

7. About Dying Light 2 Stay Human

Dying Light 2 Stay Human is a sequel to Techland’s 2015 open-world, zombie parkour action-adventure title Dying Light.

The game puts you in the shoes of Aiden Caldwell and is set 20 years after the first game’s events. You will be based in the City, located in Europe, and have free reign of the map and how you wish to traverse the area. Parkour will be your most used form of transport in the game, and the crafting system is also making a return.

There is also a decision system where your choices through the story affect the world around you. This could lead to more opportunities to earn resources, unlock shortcuts, and, most importantly, make the lives of those in the City more easy or difficult.

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