Does Cassian finally find his sister in Andor Season 1?

Andor opens up on Morlana One, where Cassian is searching for his long-lost sister, Kerri. It’s here that he gets into trouble for killing two officers. Not only does this put him on Karn’s radar, but it also indirectly leads him to work with the Rebel Alliance.

The show, so far, has focused on Cassian’s rebel missions, but we are left hanging with the events that kickstarted the show in the first place. That leads us to wonder—does Cassian Andor ultimately find his sister?

The events in Andor begin with Cassian looking for his missing sister on Morlana One. However, he hasn’t yet found her as of the end of Season 1. It is theorized that Cassian will reunite with his sister in Andor Season 2.

Ever since those expository flashbacks, the show hasn’t really revisited the storyline of Cassian searching for his sister. So, will Season 2 actually deal with this arc or drop it? What can we expect?

Will Cassian find his sister in Andor S2?

There is a high possibility that Cassian may reunite with his sister, Kerri, in Andor S2. However, Diego Luna also revealed that this arc may not be the focus of S2.

Does Cassian finally find his sister in Andor season 1?

In an exclusive interview with Collider, creator Tony Gilroy and Diego Luna spoke about whether or not Cassian will find his sister.

Gilroy stated that the Kerri storyline is yet to be determined. Luna commented that although we may not see Cassian physically searching for his sister, it’s something that is always playing on his mind and will reflect in S2.

Given the fans’ enthusiasm to see this reunion on screen, I have a feeling that Gilroy may change that “TBD” status to something much more concrete.

Speculations about Cassian’s Sister in S2

Speculations about Cassian’s Sister in S2
Cassian Andor

Here’s what we know about Cassian’s childhood so far: He lived on Kenari with his sister, Kerri, in a youth community, as they were orphans. One day when a Republic ship crashes on the planet, Cassian explores the wreck with his group.

They get attacked by the ship’s sole survivor, whose advanced technology seems alien to the boys. Cassian hangs back in the ship out of curiosity and frustration towards this tech, and that’s when Clem and Maarva find him.

They take him off-planet, citing that Kenari is no longer safe, as the Empire would come to control it. Thus, he gets separated from his sister.

Does Cassian finally find his sister in Andor season 1?

Historically, a few years after Cassian left Kenari, the planet suffered a major mining disaster, after which the whole planet was shut off. It has been implied that the kids from Kenari are long dead, including Kerri. At one point, Maarva also tells Cassian that searching for his sister is futile.

Yet, when he gets a tip that a Kenari girl is working at a brothel on Morlana One, he follows the trail, only to discover that the girl left the planet months ago.

The show has all but forgotten about this storyline, favoring to instead flesh out the story of the Rebel Alliance, Cassian’s involvement in it, and the antagonism they face from new villains from the Empire. 

Does Cassian finally find his sister in Andor season 1?
Bix Caleen

In the beginning, a few people speculated that Bix Caleen could be Cassian’s sister. However, it was insinuated that Bix and Cassian had some sort of romantic relationship in the past, so this theory has to be debunked. Nobody wants a repeat of Leia and Luke!

Others believe that Luthen’s assistant, Kleya Marki, could be Cassian’s sister. This would explain how Luthen knows so much about Cassian.

However, in all probability, none of the existing characters on the show are Cassian’s sister. The show has intentionally let the flashbacks be a little vague, so they can mold Season 2 in whatever way it best suits the Kerri storyline.

Seeing that Cassian has an airtight tragic fate set for him, I would like to see him reunite with Kerri, even if it’s for a short while. At least that way, he can go into his Rogue One mission without any regrets. 

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Set five years before Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Andor will see Cassian in his formative years as he becomes the charismatic Rebel and espionage master.

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