Crisis Explained: Does A Multiverse Still Exist In The Arrowverse?

All the multiverse talk in Crisis of The Infinite Earths was hard to keep track of. Who’s alive? What’s left? Does everyone share the same universe now? They told me nothing was the same in the Arrowverse anymore, and I just had to check back in and watch what all the chaos was about

I’ll be honest; it took me a great many rewatches and some relearning of comic history to understand what these “grand” changes to the Arrowverse were. But don’t worry, none of it is as complicated as they’re trying to make it seem. If you’re actually confused about the current state of the Arrowverse, allow me to make everything simple for you!

Does The Arrowverse Multiverse Still Exist After The Crisis?

The multiverse still exists after the Crisis. After Anti-Monitor destroyed the multiverse and replaced it with anti-matter, the Paragons managed to create a new multiverse. Aspects from multiple old universes merged into a single one: Earth-Prime, while few others universes got replaced by new ones.

For heroes like Supergirl and Black Lightning, this means sharing a universe with each other. And while it’s going to be hard for the heroes to adjust to these realities, it’s said that the majority of the population doesn’t remember the Crisis. To them, these heroes have always been here, together.

Team Flash After Crisis, Earth Prime.
Team Flash After Crisis, Earth Prime

I’m sorry; Crisis is over, we beat the bad guy, and you’re still worried because…?


Because an infinite number of Earths experienced a cosmic heat death from which only one Earth was rebuilt.




So now, not only do Superman, Supergirl, and Black Lightning live here; but now, our entire timeline has been rewritten so that they’ve always lived here, and I don’t remember owning this shirt!


Great shirt. Besides, isn’t that a good thing; we’re all one big happy family now?


No. No. No, it is not. Not when these guys are crashing the reunion. Not a single one of our doppelgängers survived to make it to Earth-Prime as far as I can tell; but, we did manage to pick up a butt-ton of bad guys, and aliens, and more metas; and you know the best part? The best part is a bunch of our old villains are back with fresh paint jobs!

Crisis Explained: Does A Multiverse Still Exist In The Arrowverse?
Killer Frost and Cisco Ramon

The situation seems concerning, but hey, at least things aren’t a big old chunk of anti-matter anymore.

What Happens To Arrowverse After Crisis?

Post Crisis, the Arrowverse universes were either merged, rebooted, or restored to their original form. Several Earths merged to create Earth-Prime, where the old CW heroes will now coexist. Some Earths were replaced with new ones. And some stayed unaffected and retained their original reality.

In simpler words:

 • Some aspects of Earth–1, Earth–38, and Earth–TUD5 merged into Earth-Prime.

Crisis Explained: Does A Multiverse Still Exist In The Arrowverse?
Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow

Thanks to this, all of CW’s old heroes like Supergirl, Black Lightning, The Flash, etc., now exist in the same universe. (Their realities were previously different but merged into one, and they now coexist on Earth-Prime).

 • Some universes were restored to what they were before the Crisis. For example, Earth–167 and Earth–666 are still precisely how they’d been before.

 • In other cases, a handful of universes like Earth–2 were “rebooted” into brand new universes. The upcoming Stargirl series is set in this new universe.

Pretty neat, eh?

In addition to this, the multiverse seems to have some 3.725 trillion changes compared to the original one— a minor cost for living, I suppose.

Will Arrowverse Continue After Crisis?

Crisis Explained: Does A Multiverse Still Exist In The Arrowverse?
Superman and Lois

The Arrowverse will continue after Crisis. CW is already working on upcoming DC shows that’ll take place in the new multiverse. Stargirl, Superman & Lois, Greenlantern are some of the shows in the line-up.

And though Oliver Queen is dead, the mantle of Arrow has been passed down to his daughter, who will also be getting her own spin-off show.

However, shows like Supergirl and Black Lightning are approaching their final seasons as well. Supergirl will have its finale in season six, while Black Lightning’s fourth season will also be a goodbye.

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