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Do Taki and Mitsuha End Up Together?

The braided cords of destiny entwining Taki and Mitsuha in “Kimi no Na Wa.” (2016) trumps all other destiny-themed romances found in anime.

After rewatching the anime film for the second time, I realized how emotionally close these two were despite the time gap and vast space separating them!

Because of my love for the story, I am here to answer whether Taki & Mitsuha tied the knot. 💍

Disclaimer: I will discuss spoilers from Makoto Shinkai’s two famous movies; so, read carefully.

1. Quick Answer

Yes, they do! There are subtle hints found elsewhere that they became a couple.

Do Taki and Mitsuha End Up Together?
Kimi no Na Wa | Source: Fandom

Some of them are found in literary mediums, while others are found in the film “Tenki no Ko” (2019). Also known as “Child of Weather”, but marketed to non-Japanese audience as “Weathering With You”, this movie is directed by Makoto Shinkai, the same novelist of “Your Name.”

Note: Kimi no Na Wa novel was published about two months before its eponymous film was released.

2. Proof That They End Up Together

Kimi no Na wa Another Side: Earthbound‘ is a light novel confirming the couple marrying in 2024, two years after Taki & Mitsuha reunited in the red Suga Shrine staircase!

The 2016 light novel side story may or may not be considered canon (it depends on the readers after all). Shinkai-sensei did not write it; instead, it was authored by Arata Kanoh.

The other proof is Tenki no Ko; this one can be considered canon because it’s another movie directed by Makoto Shinkai.

Hodaka, a main character, is friends with Taki’s grandmother, Fumi. So when he visited Fumi’s apartment, he saw wedding pictures of Fumi’s grandson, Taki, who is happily married to Mitsuha! 😆

3. Taki and Mitsuha

Kimi no Na Wa dropped a big cliffhanger at the end of the movie. No extra scenes were added to confirm the future of the couple after their reunion in the legendary staircase, which, by the way, exists in real life.

The Stairs From Kimi No Nawa / Your Name | JAPAN VLOG
The Stairs From Kimi No Nawa

(House owners residing nearby the legendary staircase are so lucky to be living there! They live in a tourist attraction spot, one that is used in an anime film no less.)

The staircase scene is a treat to behold! It leaves spectators in awe because their future as a couple can be imagined in different ways!

Because the movie is open-ended, fans can fill in the blanks however they want the couple’s future to turn out. That’s how Arata Kanoh wrote the Kimi no Na Wa side story in the first place; it even got a manga adaptation by Jyunya Nakamura ✍️📖.

The couple’s cameo in Weathering With You surprised many fans and took a turn for the best!

Ryûnosuke Kamiki and Mone Kamishiraishi returned to dub Taki and Mitsuha’s Japanese voices, respectively, in Tenki no Ko.

Also, Taki’s last name, “Tachibana”, showed up in a nameplate of his grandmother’s house, Fumi (a minor character who hired the sunshine girl, Hina Amano, in the Tenki no Ko movie).

Do Taki and Mitsuha End Up Together?
Mitsuha | Source: Fandom

Mitsuha Miyamizu also appeared as a jewelry saleslady in Tenki no Ko. Her nametag “Miyamizu” was confirmed in the 2019 Tenki no Ko novelization. She was selling some jewelry to Hodaka, who was planning to gift Hina a ring for her birthday after following Taki’s advice. 💍

4. Theories

Makoto Shinkai confirmed during an interview in the French premiere of Kimi no Na Wa that Taki & Mitsuha got married!

Les Enfants du Temps - Questions-Réponses : Makoto Shinkai et le public
Les Enfants du Temps

😆 Moreover, the novelist/manga artist/director gave the couple, along with Hodaka & Hina, the title: “Les Enfants du Temps” (or “The Children of Time”) during the interview.

After Fumi hired Hina for the Obon ceremony (a Japanese-Buddhist custom to honor Fumi’s late husband’s spirit), we’re hoping that there are more interactions among these “Children of Time”.

And since the Tachibana family are now close to the Weathering With You main cast, we’re expecting that Taki & Mitsuha’s children will become new playmates for Hodaka & Hina!

Wouldn’t that be adorable? 😆 They’re in the same universe after all where the original novels, screenwriting, and film directing came from Shinkai’s mind.

Moreover, I’m thinking that we’re going to see Mitsuha, Taki, Hodaka, and Hina appear as cameo characters in Shinkai’s upcoming movie.

While chasing the production pace of “Weathering with You” three years ago, I am assembling new works little by little. I don’t have the strength to imagine the story, the characters, and the visuals in one breath, and I’ve been having a frustrating time for months that would break the story, the characters, and the visuals. It’s already early summer …

English Translation, Twitter Translate

I’m sure he’ll be wanting to bring all the cast of his two famous movies in his future films. 🎥

6. Conclusion

The stunning relationship between Kimi no Na Wa’s couple continues to bewilder its audience!

Even if four years have passed since the movie premiered, it still garnered a lot of attention among people who are new to the anime medium.

Do Taki and Mitsuha end up together?
Taki x Mitsuha | Source: Fandom

It is my hope that Makoto Shinkai continues to write science-fiction stories where the characters’ relationships echoed Mitsuha & Taki’s romance.

7. About Kimi no Na Wa

Mitsuha and Taki are complete strangers living separate lives until the fated day when their bodies swapped.

The swapping happens randomly, and they must adapt to the other person’s pre-body swap lifestyle. One day, a powerful event occurs that could keep their distance forever!

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