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Do Retry: A Comprehensive Review of the Newest Shonen Jump Manga!

Jun Kirarazaka’s newest Shonen manga ‘Do Retry’ was released on May 7, 2023. It is a sports manga with historical context. It is a story of a young war orphan who refuses to stay down. This is his story of becoming a boxer like his father!

The manga has just been released and here’s me trying to give you the first look into the manga! Let’s dive right in!

For first impressions, Do Retry seems to follow a typical shounen route and is quite cliché. However, since the plot is set in a unique timeline, it might play to the manga’s benefit. As for the art, there is nothing that sets it apart.

Do Retry: The Plotline

Do Retry is the story of Aozora Okami, a 14-year-old kid who is immensely inspired by his father to become a boxer. The story is set in 1945 during wartime. In a fateful twist of events, he loses his parents and is left with his sick sister in a completely lawless and poverty-stricken country.

Fortunately, he comes across a lady who takes a keen interest in his boxing skills and funds the treatment of his sister. This begins his eventful story towards the simplest and the purest sport, boxing!

The story itself isn’t the most unique thing, it is mostly like a typical shounen. We got the major points of every shounen in this manga: A protagonist who doesn’t like to back down, he is orphaned, and he is keenly interested in something!

So, if we just go by the plot, it isn’t the best and is kind of cliché. But hey, the beauty of Shonen is adding your little details to cliché storylines and making them interesting. It is about doing it right!

The question is: Will ‘Do Retry’ be able to do that? It is a little too early to answer that, we can only wait for a few more chapters before we make that decision!

The Art Style and Character Design!

The art is good, but it isn’t the greatest! It has well-drawn characters, and the art style is expressive. The 1940s era adds a nice touch to the characters but there’s nothing extraordinary about the design.

The manga also has flow issues, the panels kind of break at weird points and it doesn’t feel cohesive. We also need to wait for the boxing parts and see how well they are going to be done!

Do Retry: Overall Review

Do Retry is essentially a typical shounen manga that follows the story of the protagonist who refuses to back down even when faced with immense trouble which somehow sets him apart from the crowd?

The art is also very mid and nothing to set it apart. Now don’t get me wrong, most Shounen manga are amazing despite having a very cliché storyline and art style, however, they are unique in their own way adding to the charm and making it likable.

Since the manga is set in a war period and is predominantly focused on boxing, there is a huge potential for the story to integrate unique plot points. However, we still have to wait and watch how the author furthers the storyline.

About Do Retry

Do Retry is a Japanese sports manga series written and illustrated by Jun Kirarazaka.which made its debut on May 7, 2023. Its publication in Weekly Shonen Jump began on 7 May 2023.


It is a story of a young war orphan, Aozora Okami who refuses to stay down even after being knocked down multiple times. He enters the world of boxing to save his sister from a serious illness. This is his journey to the top of the purest sport.


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