Do Atreus and Thrud end up together? Are they in love? – GoW Ragnarok 

Like its 2018 predecessor, God of War Ragnarok has an immensely satisfying ending for most. However, it doesn’t wrap things up like you’d have expected. 

While the game’s ending does justice to the main plot and offers worthy conclusions to the main characters by setting them on their personal journeys, God of War Ragnarok also leaves many loose plot threads. One of the most exciting of these revolves around Thor’s daughter, Thrud. 

Atreus and Thrud are shown to have spent several moments together in God of War Ragnarok. Starting with a meet-cute followed by an instant connection, the duo bonds with each other over a few missions they set out on, as ordered by the All-father. What’s more, their time together ends with forgiveness and warmth, but a bit of misunderstanding is definitely a part of the mix. 

Unfortunately, Atreus and Thrud don’t end up together in God of War Ragnarok. The instant chemistry and attraction that players notice on screen are never put into words, meaning they never verbally confess their love for each other. But their actions, on the other hand, speak otherwise. 

Nonetheless, it’s incorrect to discard whether Atreus and Thrud have a crush on each other based on their parting at the end. Something is cooking between the two, and here’s what you should know.

Does Atreus have a crush on Thrud in God of War Ragnarok?

 Do Atreus and Thrud end up together? Are they in love? – GoW Ragnarok
Atreus Accompanying Thrud Instead of Going to Odin

Considering the lengths Atreus goes to help Thrud and win her trust, it’s possible that he might have a crush on her. This claim turns towards confirmation when you appreciate that Atreus is a shy introvert, whereas Thrud is a very friendly extrovert, which could rub off on him in ways that end up making him feel special. 

Given below are the various incidents that imply that Atreus might have a crush on Thrud in God of War Ragnarok.

I. The Meet Cute

 Do Atreus and Thrud end up together? Are they in love? – GoW Ragnarok
Atreus Heading Back to Thrud After Meeting Odin

Atreus meets Thrud for the first time in the eleventh main quest, Unleashing Hel, when he travels to Asgard to meet Odin. When he enters Modi’s room, Thrud confronts him because she thinks he’s a stranger breaking into Asgard. 

Players can notice at this moment that Atreus is taken aback by Thrud’s courage and forwardness. After the time he’s spent with Kratos, you’d expect him to retaliate or at least not stand still, pushed against the wall with a sword pointing at his throat. 

Shortly after, they introduce each other, and Thrud tells him that Odin is waiting for him, following which, she provides him with the choice of going to his study or accompanying her to the Great Hall for training. Unsurprisingly, he decides to spend time with Thrud by halting his devious mission of gaining the All-father’s trust. Again, this proves his attraction toward her. 

Strangely, even after Atreus is done with Odin, he goes right back to Thrud in the Great Hall to discuss (or brag) about his meeting with the All-father. Moreover, he shows off the sword “Ingrid” Odin gives him. It’s a known fact that guys tend to brag around girls they have a crush on, and Atreus isn’t an exception. 

II. Collecting the Mask Fragments and Releasing the Hel-Hound (Together)

 Do Atreus and Thrud end up together? Are they in love? – GoW Ragnarok
Atreus Helping Thrud in Helheim

In the same main quest, Odin sends Atreus, Thrud, and Heimdal to Helheim to retrieve fragments of the mask that’ll allow him to see the outcome of the prophecies. 

They come across a giant Hel-Hound chained to a few pillars while looking for the last mask fragment. Atreus and Thrud believe the Hel-Hound wants to be free; hence they decide to break his shackles together. While they’re breaking the chains, you’ll notice that Atreus and Thrud destroy all the pillars together, with Atreus helping Thrud even when she never asked for it.

This act shows that Atreus doesn’t like the sight of Thrud struggling and possesses an unnecessary desire (she’s Thor’s daughter!) to help her out. Such feelings strongly suggest that he might have a crush on her. 

III. Defending Each Other from Heimdal 

 Do Atreus and Thrud end up together? Are they in love? – GoW Ragnarok
Thrud Defending Atreus from Heimdal

After Atreus and Thrud release the Hel-Hound, it rips its claws into the fabric of time, separating the nine realms. Subsequently, Heimdal grows furious since the tears between the realms will allow armies to travel to Asgard and trigger Ragnarok. Additionally, Atreus and Thrud being wrong about the last mask fragment’s location also drives Heimdal crazy.

Shortly after, Heimdal blames Atreus for the mishap and starts attacking him but, Thrud hops in to defend Atreus. Consequently, Heimdal channels his anger towards Thrud and begins badmouthing her father, Thor, which makes her attack him in a fit of rage. When he overpowers her and starts landing a few well-timed hits, Atreus jumps in to defend Thrud.

This dynamic shows that they have feelings for each other because they’ve no other reason to defend each other from Heimdal, especially considering they couldn’t defend themselves in the first place. (They aren’t even related!)

How old is Thrud in God of War Ragnarok?

 Do Atreus and Thrud end up together? Are they in love? – GoW Ragnarok
Thrud in GoW Ragnarok

Since Thrud is Thor’s daughter and inherits her power and immortality, it’s difficult to zero in on her age in God of War Ragnarok. However, reports suggest that she’s in her late teens or early 20s. 

Also, it’s safe to assume that she hasn’t stopped aging yet and looks to be around in the age group of Atreus. But there’s no way to tell her exact age, and Ubisoft is yet to release any official information about the same.

Who does Atreus end up with in God of War Ragnarok?

 Do Atreus and Thrud end up together? Are they in love? – GoW Ragnarok
Angroboda in God of War Ragnarok

Atreus ends up with Angroboda in God of War Ragnarok. Angroboda is a Jotun who helps Atreus learn the truth about his Giant ancestry and sets out on a journey for the same towards the end of the game. In addition, this pairing is factually apt, as Angroboda is Loki’s (technically Atreus) wife in Norse mythology. 

While Atreus and Angrboda end up together at the end of God of War Ragnarok, Thrud is shown kneeling on the sand in front of the desert workshop in Alfheim, where Thor’s Mjolnir fell after Odin threw it into the abyss. 

Subsequently, she takes a moment to reflect and says that she’ll make her father proud. Then, she effortlessly picks up Mjolnir and flies into the sky with a triumphant roar. 

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