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Yoshimaho: Yoshi Yoshi Magic Original Anime By DLE and ABC Frontier Revealed!

Original anime are always fun because you don’t know what to expect or what will be in it. Yoshimaho: Yoshi Yoshi Magic is an original anime by DLE and ABC Frontier.

It is based on an adult’s fantasies about being a kid again because they get care and attention without asking. 

I relate to the plot too much *sigh*. Let’s face it, we all get tired of our daily lives, and sometimes we just want to be cared for.

DLE, along with ABC Frontier, Mash, and Helo, revealed an original anime called Yoshimaho: Yoshi Yoshi Magic with its cast, staff, and a visual.

Toddler experience animation “Yoshimaho” production decision: Kentaro Kumagai, Takuya Sato, Soma Saito, Toshiki Masuda, Shunichi Toki, Tarusuke Shingaki (7 photos in total)

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The visual is a poster for the upcoming anime, which shows us the characters of the anime. The anime is made from a first-person view, i.e., the viewer will be the show’s protagonist.

The story follows a tired and overworked protagonist (the viewer) who wishes they were a child again because children get spoiled. One day the protagonist goes and buys a specific blue-colored pacifier and puts it in their mouth.

Due to the pacifier, they get transported to another world which is a nursery where they get cared for and pampered by a group of handsome men.

The cast of the show was also revealed, which introduces us to the caregivers at the nursery.

Character CastOther Works
JunKentarō KumagaiHan Daewi (God of Highschool)
SanaTakuya Satō Yu Kanda (D.Gray Man)
VISōma SaitōTadashi Yamaguchi (Haikyuu!!)
KaiToshiki MasudaEijiro Kirishima (My Hero Academia)
IkkeiShunichi TokiNaoya Kido (Wave!!)
RouTarusuke ShingakiCadis Etrama Di Raizel (Noblesse) 

Kokone Nata will do the character design, and Yūki Takabayashi will write the script.

Mash is a marketing company, and Helo is a production company that will be working on the original work anime project.

Furthermore, an official Twitter account, an official Instagram and an official website were also launched for the anime.

Today, we have opened the official Twitter account for “Toddler Experience Adult Healing Content” “Yoshimaho” 🌸
We will deliver the latest information and news from the glittering chick garden with the director 🐥

The teaser site is also open! Please check it together ✨


Children’s Day

Yes, let’s become a toddler

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The anime has a unique concept and idea, and I can’t wait for it to come out!

About Yoshimaho: Yoshi Yoshi Magic

Yoshimaho: Yoshi Yoshi Magic is an original anime project by DLE, ABC Frontier, Mash, and production company

The anime centers around a protagonist who wants to escape from reality, and so they go to a store and purchase a blue pacifier.

When they put the pacifier in their mouth, it magically transports the protagonist to another world.

The protagonist is now in the body of a five-year-old child and spends time at a daycare center where there are many handsome men who are caregivers there.

Source: Yoshimaho Website

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