One App to Rule Them All: Disney+ & Hulu to Combine Content Libraries

Disney+ and Hulu are joining their content libraries in one app, but they will still be separate streaming services. 

Disney owns most of Hulu, with a 67% share. It does not have full control over Hulu, but people who subscribe to Disney+ can buy a package that includes Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.

Disney CEO Bob Iger said in a call with investors that Disney+ and Hulu will combine their content libraries in one app by the end of this year, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

One App to Rule Them All: Disney+ & Hulu to Combine Content Libraries

But the services will still be separate. Iger thinks this app will help customers who buy Disney+ and Hulu bundles to enjoy them more. Check out what he said below:

While we continue to offer Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+ as standalone options, this is a logical progression of our DTC [Direct-to-Consumer] offerings that will provide greater opportunities for advertisers, while giving bundle subscribers access to more robust and streamlined content, resulting in greater audience engagement and ultimately leading to a more unified streaming experience.

The advertising potential of this combined platform is incredibly exciting.

Disney owns both Disney+ and Hulu, so it makes sense that they want to put them together in one app. In March, they said that Flamin’ Hot, a movie about a person’s life, will be the first movie that will come out on Disney+ and Hulu at the same time. 

It seems like Disney wants to show that Hulu is an important part of their streaming business.

One App to Rule Them All: Disney+ & Hulu to Combine Content Libraries

It also makes sense to have one app for both content libraries because Disney+ subscribers can buy a bundle with Disney+ and Hulu. This way, people who buy the bundle can see everything that Disney+ and Hulu have in one place. 

The app could also make some people who have only Disney+ or Hulu think about getting the other service too for more content in one app.

Right now, it doesn’t look like ESPN+ will be in this new app even though it’s part of a bundle with Disney+ and Hulu that has no ads

But ESPN+ is more for sports than for TV and movies, so it may not fit in the content app. Still, it’s clear that Disney wants to make Disney+ and Hulu work well together as streaming services by the end of the year.

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