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Discover Harajuku’s Fashion, Art, and Music with Upcoming Artiswitch Project!

Harajuku has earned a name for itself in the fashion industry. You can call it outrageous or wild, but you can’t deny the revolution that it has brought about. Artiswitch is a brand new project that will portray the taste of youth in Harajuku.

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The thing that Harajuku style upholds the most is individuality and freedom. It is a blend of pop colors, gothic elements, and kawaii clothing reflecting Japan’s contemporary styles. A new trailer was revealed and it exhibits this individuality in style!

Sunrise, the animation studio, and Asobisystem are collaborating to produce a new project called ArtisWitch that reflects on Harajuku fashion, art, and music. A new trailer was also revealed to showcase this project.

『Artiswitch(アーティスウィッチ)』 ティザーPV

The video shows several models dressed in unique clothing. Their fashion sense might seem too much to handle for those who like somber clothing. However, their individuality shines through this video.

Harajuku is not only a fashion hub; it is also a place where there are many art studios, unique cafes and it also inspires unique music. The models in the video walk the streets of Japan and give us glimpses of the nightlife.

A new visual has also been revealed for the project. It features an animated character wearing unique clothes. However, we still don’t know whether the project will be animated or not.

[PRESS RELEASE] Original project “Artiswitch” started by Sunrise x Asobisystem!

Sunrise, a video production company focusing on animation, and our company will launch a new IP with the theme of fashion, art and music in Harajuku.


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Asobisystem is the agent for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, the Harajuku fashion icon who is a singer and model. The project will feature several artists and creators who actively participate in Harajuku fashion, art, and music. These content creators have been hand-picked to represent the genre.

The project will feature Utano Aoi, Honoka Kuroki, Riko, Yūtaro, Rinne Yoshida, and Yume Miyamoto. The creators of the Artiswitch project are Kazuma Ikeda, Hiromi Matsuo, Sawaki Ai, and Motoko Marui.

Artiswitch is trying to showcase the youth of Japan and their tendencies. Although we don’t know the project’s form, it looks intriguing.

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