Who Is At The End Of The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 2?

The Walking Dead Season 11 have been been throwing one obstacle after another at the survivors gang and episode 2 in Season 11 introduced the audience to yet another brand new obstacle. [PG1] 

SPOILERS AHEAD! This page contains spoilers from The Walking Dead.

Season 11 Episode 2 of The Walking Dead, titled “Archeron: Part II” shows us a glimpse of a large group of masked assailants and theories have been pouring in as to who they are.

The makers did not confirm the identity of the mystery gang. But there’s a pretty good chance that they’re the most awaited and infamous Reapers.

We got a lot of small hints back in Season 10, remember?

Who Is At The End Of Season 11 Episode 2?

The final moments of season 11 episode 2 were quite chilling. Maggie, Daryl and the other survivors came across a horrific sight. They saw dead bodies hanging upside down from scaffolds all along their road ahead.

I think this scene was a hint for us that the journey ahead will not be easy for the survivors. It also gave us a glimpse of how violent the Reapers were.


There were deadbodies hanging almost till the end of the road. To make stuff worse, Roy and Cole, both face difficulties as well. Roy dies in the episode as well after being shot in the eye with an arrow while Cole was attacked with a knife. 

Basically, the scene made it clear that the worst lies ahead and the path is full of danger. Finally, the survivors came across a group of masked assailants who are most probably the Reapers.

The Reapers were first mentioned back in season 10 episode 17 titled “Home Sweet Home” where a single member of the group made an appearance. They are a deadly and dangerous group known for their violent tactics. Also, they have encountered Maggie before.

In season 10, the single unnamed Reaper revealed that their leader Pope has ordered for Maggie to be killed and the other Reapers are in the hunt for her.

Why Are They Here?

According to what we had seen in season 10 and what the unnamed Reaper had revealed, the Reapers are here to kill Maggie.

The leader of the Reapers holds a grudge against her because Maggie and her allies had encountered the violent group before. Since the Reapers were already looking for Maggie, I guess they’re probably here to kill her.

Who is at the end of The Walking Dead season 11 episode 2?

But since this is not Maggie’s first encounter with this deadly gang, I was wondering why she did not react when she saw the line of dead bodies.

If the intention of the Reapers was to announce their arrival, and then eventually kill Maggie, they would do something that Maggie is familiar with, to send across a message, right? But Maggie did not really react when she saw the horrific sight of bodies, TBH.

Maybe this is reading too much into it and she probably did not get the time to process everything considering the situation. But just a thought. But whether or not Maggie had an impactful reaction, there’s still a high probability that the mystery gang is the Reapers.

What Does It Mean For The Upcoming Plot?

It was almost obvious that season 11 would feature the Reapers. So it definitely means some more trouble for the survivors and definitely a lot of violence.

But here comes the important bit: does it mean Maggie will die? If the group is indeed the Reapers, then they are most probably here to kill Maggie which means her life is in grave danger.

So the introduction of the Reapers could have many implications, include Maggie’s potential death. There are some discrepancies between the idea of the Reapers established earlier and this first glimpse though, so there’s a thin chance that this is an equally violent group, but maybe not the Reapers?

Who is at the end of The Walking Dead season 11 episode 2?
The Reapers

I still think they are the Reapers though. Basically, the arrival of the Reapers can completely change the dynamics of the dreaded mission. Besides, it will be interesting to see how this affects the tension between Maggie and Negan.

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