Does Ted Lasso Get Divorced? Does He End Up With Rebecca?

The Apple TV+ series Ted Lasso is back with Season 2, and it is once again taking us for a charming and feel-good ride of things. But there are tad bits of heart-breaking moments within everything.

I am talking about Ted Lasso’s divorce.

Season 1 gave us a look into Ted’s divorce with Michelle and how it affected him. But don’t worry, we did not lose our positive Ted who is the heart and soul of the series in Season 2. In fact, he was back with his smile in Season 1 itself.

The show in general centres around the eponymous football coach who moves out of the US and goes to England to become a ‘soccer’ coach for an English Premiere League team – AFC Richmond.

Ted is introduced as an extremely cheerful and positive character and yet somehow the whole divorce storyline seems so relatable for someone who has gone through similar situations or witnessed others go through it.

The show portrays the stress, anxiety and other complicated issues regarding divorce, and yet manages to hold its positivity and optimism.

Did Ted Lasso Get Divorced?

Ted Lasso decides to spend some time away from his wife hoping their marital problems would get better. But unfortunately, Ted’s wife Michelle decides to go ahead with the split and asks him for a divorce. So, Ted goes through a divorce in the show.

Does Ted Lasso get divorced? Does he end up with Rebecca?
Ted Lasso

In the beginning of Season 1, it is revealed that Ted Lasso took up the job of coaching despite having little to no experience with association football is because his wife needed some “space”.

I guess like most of us in reality too, Ted had hoped that a break from each other would solve things (though FRIENDS have already told us it doesn’t!) between him and Michelle.

But his wife was not on the same page as him. In “Tan Lines”, Michelle and their son visits Ted and they’re seen to enjoy some family time.

But Ted later finds Michelle in tears, and she tells him that though she has been trying hard to make things work she feels their relationship is not working out. In other words, Michelle tells Ted that she would like to go ahead with the divorce.

Later that night, we also see Ted tell Michelle that she does not have to keep trying to make the relationship work and wishes his wife and son farewell.

Why Did Ted Get Divorced?

The show never makes it clear why exactly Michelle wants a divorce from Ted. But from what we know, it is probably because she has fallen out of love with him or her feelings for him has changed so the relationship is not the same.

Even then, it is not clear why this happened. Michelle never mentions if there is a particular reason why she does not feel the same way about Ted or if there are a lot of issues which culminated into this.

Does Ted Lasso get divorced? Does he end up with Rebecca?
Michelle Lasso

Throughout, Ted seems to be extremely upset with the divorce and is reluctant to end his marriage, so I am guessing Michelle is the one who mainly wishes for a split.

But Ted does not force Michelle and even tells her that she does not need to try so hard, when clearly the marriage is not working out.

That is where the show makes it so relatable. Sometimes there may not be a specific reason why things fall apart. Ted and Michelle’s relationship is probably no longer compatible, maybe they want different things from life or generally don’t get along with each other.

People change over time, so it is not unnatural at all is what I am saying. But it is heart-breaking to see one of the most positive, inspiring characters going through such extreme consequences like drunk talking and panic attacks.

How Does Ted Deal With His Divorce?

The subsequent episodes after “Tan Lines” gives us glimpses of how our beloved coach dealt with his marriage falling apart.

In Episode 7 titled “Make Rebecca Great Again”, we see Ted is extremely reluctant to sign the divorce papers. A drunk Ted lashes out badly at Nate.

Ted Lasso: Ted has a Panic Attack
Ted Lasso: Ted has a Panic Attack

He apologizes the next morning and keeps trying to distract himself from his pain the whole time. That evening, Ted also suffers a massive panic attack and quickly leaves this karaoke that he was attending with the team.

So, Ted is definitely having trouble dealing with the divorce, but he tries his best to cope up with it. Hopefully, he will find someone to fill his void and feel better again.

But I felt Michelle made it a little more difficult for him that it already was by constantly pushing him to sign the papers. It is not like he would not sign them. He probably needed some time, but Michelle seemed to be in a hurry and wanted to get it done ASAP.

I think this contributed a lot to the panic attack. It is also strange considering Michelle has no reason to be in such a hurry at least as far as the story has been revealed to us as of now.

Does Ted End Up With Rebecca?

Does Ted Lasso get divorced? Does he end up with Rebecca?
Ted and Rebecca

It is too early to say who Ted will end up with by the end of the series. Though a romantic connection between Ted and Rebecca is very much a possibility, as of now they are not a couple and may not end up together.

In Season 1, Rebecca is seen to be having a similar history with marriage as Ted, i.e., divorce. She was dealing with her divorce to Rupert. In fact, she hired an inexperienced coach like Ted because she did not want AFC Richmond to do well.

After all, the team was the only thing her ex-husband Rupert loved so much. As of Season 2, Rebecca seems to have settled and is ready to be back in the dating circuit.

In fact, I personally prefer a Ted-Flo storyline more than a Ted-Rebecca one because she is quite interested in him. Their fling might have been just a one-episode thing, but it would be interesting to see them pursue a relationship.

Flo seems to be quite interested in Ted and though it is not clear if he has mutual feelings, it might be fun to see Ted trying out dating once again after this turbulent divorce.

Coming to Ted and Rebecca, it is a pretty great addition if they pursue a special relationship because of the ideas of gender and age associated with the concept of love in popular culture.

Does Ted Lasso get divorced? Does he end up with Rebecca?
Rebecca and Ted

Think about it: we are generally conditioned to believe that after one point love or new relationships make no sense. It is great to see modern shows such as Ted Lasso breaking this conception.

Rebecca and Ted aren’t the typical “young” couple. In fact, their relationship is not exactly sexual or romantic in the lay man’s sense. At least not as of now. It is more of friendship and mutual trust, which if you ask me, is beautiful.

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Ted Lasso is an American sports-comedy streaming TV series developed by Bill Lawrence, Jason Sudeikis, Joe Kelly, and Brendan Hunt. It’s based on a character of the same name that Sudeikis first portrayed in a series of promos for NBC Sports’ coverage of the Premier League.

It follows the life of Ted Lasso, a coach of college-level American football who is unexpectedly recruited to coach an English Premier League team, AFC Richmond, despite having no experience at all in association football.

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