Do Rue and Jules break up in Euphoria Season 2 finale?

Rue and Jules’ relationship has been on the rocks since the beginning of Season 2. With Rue relapsing and Jules being extremely insecure about her, there have been quite a few issues in their relationship.

If things were not already bad, Elliot coming into their lives worsened things further. After their own share of ups and downs, in the Season 2 finale, the two finally got some closure (or did they?).

In the Season 2 finale, Jules confesses to Rue that she was her first love. But unfortunately, Rue did not exactly say it back to her. Instead, she kissed her on the forehead before walking away.

Rue and Jules broke up in the Season 2 finale for good. Though Jules confesses her feelings for Rue, Rue’s narration and her tone makes it clear that she wants to move on for good, even if Jules was truly her first love.

Does Rue leave Jules in the Season 2 finale?

In the Season 2 finale, Rue and Jules share a heartfelt moment where Jules tells Rue that she loves her. Rue responds by kissing Jules on the forehead before walking away for good.

Neither of them actually spells out the break-up, but the narration that followed the moment pretty much confirmed it.

Did Rue and Jules Break Up in Euphoria Season 2 Finale?
Jules & Rue

As we know, a future Rue serves as the narrator of the series. After Rue walked away from Jules in the finale, a future Rue said in the narration,

Jules was my first love. I’d like to remember it that way.


Notice that she is notably speaking in the past tense here.

The narration further says,

I don’t know if that’s actually true, though. I think I was high for too much of it.


Rue’s tone seems pretty casual in this line. By casual, I do not mean that she did not care enough for Jules but more like, Jules was just one part of her past.

She is not an integral part of her present and there are probably more important people coming up in her life.

She also rightly points out that she was ‘high’ most of the time when she was with Jules. This also implies that Rue was unable to give her best in the relationship and think about it maturely due to the influence of drugs.

In short, yes. Rue does technically leave Jules in the Season 2 finale, but it is most likely for the good.

Though ‘Rules’ is a pretty popular ship among fans, you can hardly deny how toxic the relationship was, especially with Rue being dependent on Jules for most of the time.

Having said that, it is not really clear whether Rules is done for the show as of now, or it is just a temporary break and they might again get back together. We have to wait for season 3 to find that out.

What will happen to the Rue-Jules relationship in Season 3?

Considering how things ended in the Season 2 finale, Rue and Jules will most likely not be together in the beginning of Season 3. Even if they do get back together at a later time, it will probably take a few episodes for that to happen.

Did Rue and Jules Break Up in Euphoria Season 2 Finale?

Though Rue and Jules’ last moment together in the Season 2 finale heavily indicate a break-up, it was not exactly spelled out. I mean, neither Rue not Jules actually said goodbye to each other or made it clear that this was it.

So, there is always hope for more, though I am not sure how healthy that is, for the script or either of the characters. Season 3 might give us some more of Rules, or they may be done for good.

If they at all want to do anything differently from other teen dramas, Rules should really be done for good.

I think Season 3 will give us both Rue and Jules dating other people, but their history will always play a part in it. Since Rules is one of Euphoria’s most popular ships, I am sure they will not cut it off completely from the script.

Even if Rue and Jules date other people, their history together might play a role in those relationships or there might be some other moments between the two, even if it is not romantic.

But judging from Rue’s tone in the voiceover in the season finale, Rue and Jules may not actually get back together and be in a proper relationship again. After all, Rue made it pretty clear that Rue WAS her first love, not ultimate one.

Will Rue recover or relapse?

As of the Season 2 finale, Rue seems to be on her path of recovery. But with Rue, you never know. There is always a chance of her relapsing.

Did Rue and Jules Break Up in Euphoria Season 2 Finale?
Rue Bennett

Considering the way in which Rue dealt with Jules and her feelings, I think she was thinking with her head for the first time in ages. So, there might be hope that she is actually on a journey to recovery.

Whether Rue will relapse or not actually depends on the circumstances and situations she has to face. For instance, is she in pain from her breakup with Jules? If yes, then that might act as a catalyst to her relapsing.

Season 3 will probably have Rue facing new challenges and circumstances, so it all depends on how she deals with them and what she makes out of her past experiences. Hopefully, she is able to hold her ground and not go back that route again.

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