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Detective Conan’s 25th Film’s New PV Focuses on a Police Academy Incident

After the massive success of its recent movie The Scarlet Bullet, Detective Conan is back in the cinematic scene with another movie.

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This one is special since it’s the franchise’s 25th film and the teasers and trailers have us all blown out of our minds.

I know some of you might be bored or annoyed with another Detective Conan movie thinking, ‘this series is still going on?’, and I agree with you to some extent.

But trust me when I say that the new one will interest you a lot with its spooky storyline and mysterious aura.

As if the thrill wasn’t enough after the initial teaser, the franchise revealed an extended trailer that introduced us to another new mystery.

Detective Conan: The Bride of Halloween has released a new trailer for the film’s debut on April 15, 2022.

劇場版『名探偵コナン ハロウィンの花嫁』予告【2022年4月15日公開】
Movie version “Detective Conan Halloween Bride” notice [released April 15, 2022]

The PV opens the door for another mystery related to a police academy incident where someone died.

The trailer starts with a beautiful wedding sequence of Miwako Sato and Wataru Takagi, followed by Rei Furuya investigating a series of bombings.

It is shown that a man named Jinpei Matsuda was killed during those bombings.

Jinpei is Miwako’s former lover, and her wedding being thrashed by an assailant reminds her of Jinpei and concludes that someone is trying to kill Wataru too.

Soon, our brilliant man-turned-child detective Conan jumps into the scene, offering help in solving the case and mystery behind the bombings and wedding incident.

Detective Conan's 25th Film’s New PV Focuses on a Police Academy Incident
Rei Furuya | Source: Fandom

Conan and Rei join forces to uncover the truth behind Jinpei’s death and the masked man who threatens the life of Jinpei’s fellow academy friends.

The film might be a bit too early on schedule for Halloween, but that doesn’t mean it ain’t got the spooky and eerie vibe. The addition of Rei’s police academy team and more has suddenly increased the hype for the film.

I can’t wait till the puzzle is solved, and I just know this will be a tricky one.

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About Detective Conan

Detective Conan is a detective manga series by Gosho Aoyama. It was first serialized in 1994 and has been published for over two decades.

Shinichi Kudo, or Conan is a high school detective who has been turned into a child after consuming a toxin.

Along with the FBI and a variety of characters, he solves mysterious cases. He takes on the name of Conan and tries to pin down the syndicate responsible for shrinking him.

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