Demon Slayer’s Animation Studio Sends World-Wide Thanks

There is no doubt that Demon Slayer has managed to create a large and enthusiastic fan base. The anime has set its place amongst the hearts and minds of anime fans across the world.  The studio of Demon Slayer- Ufotable, decided to thank their worldwide audience and beloved fans in as many languages as they can.

Demon Slayer animation studio release an official “thank you” note on Twitter for their fans. Here is that thank-you note-

The animation studio- Ufotable posted the multi-language “Thank You” on their Official Twitter Account, using English, Spanish, German, Italian, French,  Portuguese, Thai, and numerous other languages. They want to make sure they can include as many fans as possible.

Fans were delighted by the post of Ufotable and the post was flooded with replies of gratitude from fans. Furthermore, the franchise made it clear that Demon Slayer is going to end soon. According to the official report, the first season will consist of 26 episodes.

Episode 19 of Kimetsu no Yaiba

After episode 19 of Kimetsu no Yaiba, fans were left flabbergasted watching Tanjiro’s fighting style. Ever wondered how Tanjiro ended up using the technique called “Dance of the Fire God”, the breathing technique that not only increases the user’s strength but endurance as well. With his sword broken and his sister being slowly ripped to pieces by Rui’s keen webs, Tanjiro remembers the technique his father taught him, Dance of the fire God. That’s not it! When Nezuko saw Tanjiro using this self-destructive attack, she uses Blood Magic (Blood Burst) to help Tanjiro behead Rui with that final raging attack.  What else is left? The animation? The studio behind the anime, Ufotable is getting applauded for the best-animated fight of 2019.

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