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Deemo Film’s New PV Teases its Brewing Mystery before February Release

Deemo, the rhythm game by Rayark, has crossed the boundaries of mobile platforms to reach a wider audience. This year, the fun game with a surprisingly tragic plot will receive an anime film.

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The protagonists Alice and Deemo have a relationship between them that is only revealed after the game’s final stage is cleared. It looks like the gameplay and plot have received enough recognition to inspire a film.

Deemo: Sakura no Oto, the anime film, will be released on February 23, 2022. A new trailer has been revealed to tease the various mysteries behind the series:

【90秒予告】劇場版 「DEEMO サクラノオト -あなたの奏でた音が、今も響く-」
[90 seconds notice] Movie version “DEEMO Sakuranooto-The sound you played still resonates-“

The trailer shows that 3DCG anime techniques will heavily influence the film.

It teases Alice, the protagonist who suddenly finds herself in a strange place where she encounters Deemo, a slender black figure who can play the piano.

Deemo helps her get back to her world. In addition, she also meets a masked lady who tries to stop their progress. The identity of the masked lady will serve as the central puzzle in the film.

Since the movie is based on a rhythm game, of course, it will receive some fantastic theme songs. Its theme song, “nocturne” by Hinano Takashima, is also previewed in the video.

Deemo Film’s New PV Teases its Brewing Mystery before February Release
Deemo | Source: Crunchyroll

A new visual has also been revealed for the anime film. The illustration shows Alice, Deemo, the masked lady, and her brother. As the story unfolds, you will know how the people from reality and Deemo’s world are related.

Theatrical version “DEEMO Sakuranooto-The sound you played still resonates-“

National Road Show Clapper board

Party popper Latest key visual release Party popper

Drawn by Mr. Bigeye, who is in charge of character design Sparkles

Please take a look at the newly drawn characters!

Twitter Translation, English Translate

The majestic game will receive an equally mesmerizing anime film soon. Will the movie receive an original ending, or will it break our hearts with the tragic backstory? I guess we will know when the film is released.

About Deemo

Deemo is an android and iOS platform-based rhythm game. It will receive an anime movie adaptation in 2021. An anime film adaptation – Deemo: Memorial Keys premiered in February 2022.

A mysterious girl falls from the sky. Deemo is a character who plays the piano and wants to return the girl to her world. Both of them meet accidentally in a treehouse world.

As Deemo’s fingers hit the keyboard, beautiful music arises from it, and a new journey opens in front of them.

Source: Official Twitter

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