The Flash EP Teases the Devastating Effect of Deathstorm’s Arc on Team Flash

The Flash is currently on a hiatus this week, which means that fans have had to wait a bit more to see more of Robbie Amell‘s return as Deathstorm.

But if you thought a week was a long time, it’s nothing compared to how much longer EP Eric Wallace has had to wait to bring this arc to fruition.

While speaking to TV Insider ahead of Season 8 Episode 12, Death Rises, Wallace revealed that Deathstorm’s storyline has been two years in the making, and Amell’s three-episode return will have a major impact on the series, emotionally changing Team Flash permanently.

The Flash EP Teases Deathstorm Arc’s Devastating Effect on Team Flash
The Flash

Wallace promised that the real reason for Deathstorm’s return will be revealed in next week’s episode and that he might achieve devastating, impossible victories. The new episode will include “everything about why he is back, his plan, what he wants, and how it’ll affect Team Flash forever.”

The EP discussed Deathstorm’s addition to the story and its importance to the bigger picture in-depth,

“Why he’s back is not what people think it is. Sometimes—and this is a very, very big hint—sometimes the bigger the villain, the simpler the motivation. It’s not always some crazy, convoluted Machiavellian plan. The working title for this graphic novel, which is not a spoiler, was “The Blackfire Hauntings.” When I first pitched my crazy ideas, my staff looked at me like, “What? Are you out of your mind? That sounds like a horror movie.” And I went, “Yes, it is a horror movie. We’re going to do The Flash‘s version of a horror film over several episodes.” And once they got past that, then the excitement set in. And we’ve always known the ending of [this] story. I have literally known it for two years and have building and building towards this. As I have been building towards the end of Season 8—the last three seasons are literally all one big story, and it’s leading towards one specific event…I have the Post-it somewhere on my desk. I wrote it down two years ago and went, “That’s the end of Season 8.”

This means serious business for the Scarlet Speedster, as Wallace also stated that some really “intense stuff is about to go down” in the remaining few episodes of this season. The third arc in the story is expected to push the whole team even further to “save the world from another Big Bad.”

The Flash EP Teases Deathstorm Arc’s Devastating Effect on Team Flash
The Flash

Wallace also added that as the start of this arc is so deeply rooted in the last two seasons, he recommends the audience rewatch the beginning of Season 6 before the new episode comes out, teasing that they could potentially find significant clues in it.

If the story really is going to be as devastating as Wallace promises, fans better brace themselves for the possible death of someone from Team Flash. Following the arc, Episode 14, Funeral for a Friend, has a forewarning in its description,

“HONOR THE FALLEN—Team Flash uses the distraction of a bank-robbing Meta to detract from the grief of losing someone they love.”

The Flash will return with S08E12, Death Rises, on April 27 on The CW.

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