First Trailer for D&D: Honor Among Thieves: Monsters, Magic, and More

Paramount Pictures’ upcoming film, based on Gary Gygax’s famous RPG Dungeons & Dragons, has just got its first trailer, and there are a ton of scenes to break down! The 135-second-long video features costumes, monsters, shapeshifting creatures, magic, swords, different realms, and thieves who play the hero in the 2023 film.

Apart from the costumes, VFX, and action choreography, there is much more to be appreciated. The fantasy action-adventure film features a superb star cast, including Chris Pine, Hugh Grant, Sophia Lillis, Rege-Jean Page, Michelle Rodriguez, Justice Smith, Daisy Head, Jason Wong, and Chloe Coleman.

First Trailer For D&D: Honor Among Thieves: Monsters, Magic, & More
Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Pine, Rodriguez, and Smith’s characters are seen fighting through the Forgotten Realm featured in the game. Chris Pine’s voiceover explains that they are thieves and their profession attracts enemies looking for revenge. Maybe this was what he told the allies he made along the way at first, but the story was much direr than this.

But unknowingly, they help “the wrong person steal the wrong thing” and end up “unleashing the greatest evil the world has ever known.” Chris Pine’s bard is the plan-maker, and since his plan was the one leading to a world-scale catastrophe, he has to be the one to save it along with his allies.

First Trailer For D&D: Honor Among Thieves: Monsters, Magic, & More
Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

His other teammates include Rodriguez’s barbarian, a warrior-turned-thief skilled in battle, wielding a Flame Tongue ax. Justice Smith plays a sorcerer capable of pulling off magic tricks worth in abundance. Rege-Jean Page plays a courageous paladin who is masterful with a sword and as handy in battle as Rodriguez’s barbarian.

Lillis’ Tiefling, who can shapeshift into an owl-bear and travel through the realms using reflective surfaces, is a powerful addition to Smith, Pine, Page, and Rodriguez’s team. Together, this team made of skill, magic, courage, and the immense powers of a Tiefling, combined with Pine’s mastermind, will have to save the world.

The wrong person mentioned earlier in the trailer looks like a Lich also featured in Gygax’s role-playing game. The moment referred to here plays a little before the one-minute mark in the trailer showing a red-robed man with pale skin and sunken eyes with red vines surrounding him. It can be assumed with absolute surety that Lich is the main villain who has brought upon the apocalypse.

First Trailer For D&D: Honor Among Thieves: Monsters, Magic, & More
Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

The trailer features lots of action—but let’s not forget the creatures of D&D. We can catch glimpses of the Black Dragon being used in battle, its acid-spewing all over the battlefield, instantly melting away soldiers.

A Golden Dragon from the game is also featured in the two-minute trailer, along with one of the mighty fire-spilling Red Dragons, a Mimic, a monstrous gelatinous cube, a displacer beast, and more that fans can see in the game.

Hugh Grant’s character had given off a very peaceful demeanor in the first looks released by Paramount Pictures ahead of SDCC 2022, but the case is different in the trailer. This character seems to be a game host of sorts who puts our thieves into a battle show where they must fight dangerous creatures in a maze surrounded by gawking spectators.

The trailer features many more Easter eggs from the D&D video game. A Green Flame Blade, Flame Tongue Ax, a magically enchanted helmet full of power used by Smith’s sorcerer, a drift globe, and various spells like TimeStop and Fireball can also be seen throughout the trailer. 

With a mind-blowing trailer, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves has lured fans of the game and newcomers to the realms of magical lore and has viewers waiting in anticipation of the film, which releases on March 3, 2023.

About Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

Dungeons & Dragons is an upcoming American fantasy-adventure film written and directed by Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley, based on the RPG of the same name and reboot of the film series of the same name.

The movie will take place across the Forgotten Realms, following the story of a band of thieves who unknowingly ended up helping in unleashing the greatest evil their world has known. The thieves-turned-heroes must now fix their mistake with the help of magic, courage, and a powerful Tiefling to fight the biggest battle of their lives. 

The film will release on March 31, 2023.

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