David and Jennifer Had a Crush on Each Other, Revealed in ‘Friends: The Reunion’

I just want to start by saying that I’m not crying. You are! So the Friends Reunion finally aired, and we couldn’t have asked for a better one. We see the cast walking into the studio, looking at the sets, meeting each other, and it just filled our hearts with nostalgia.

We’re taken on this journey of each character, each actor, as they begin sharing these little anecdotes from the sets back in the day. The way Matt rubbed Courtney’s lines from the table, how there was always that beam which came in the middle, ah… I can’t just go on!

But hey, the biggest reveal of them all came a little towards the end. And maybe in some little way, it was poetic and realistic at the same time. So what was the big reveal?

1. David Schwimmer & Jennifer Aniston Had a Crush on Each Other

Yes! The actors admitted that they did have a crush on each other while working together on Friends. But neither of them acted on it since they were with different people at the time.

Isn’t that cute? Who knew Ross and Rachel would have chemistry in real life too! They recall how they used to play around with each other, sometimes even cuddle, and by the way, the entire cast knew too! I hope Gunther is not fuming right now.

Friends Reunion: Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer Reveal REAL LIFE Crushes on Each Other
Friends Reunion: Jennifer and David

They even said how they used to joke that it would be so dreadful if their first kiss was on national TV. And that is exactly how it went! The first time that Ross and Rachel kiss is in Season two in the gang’s favorite hangout place, Central Perk. 

It was quite a moment for all of us when we thought, finally! They’ve come together. But of course, it took ten long years before they got their happy ending, and we got ours.

2. How were Ross and Rachel Cast?

Well, this one’s quite a story!

The writers had written Ross’s character specifically for David Schwimmer. In fact, he didn’t even have to audition for the role. David, meanwhile, had had a bad experience with a previous TV series and had gone back to doing theatre. That’s when writers Marta and Bright went with scripts to him, asking him to work with them. And that’s how David got cast for the role of Ross. Maybe what they said was right. The role WAS meant for him.

David and Jennifer Had A Crush On Each Other
Ross x Rachel

Jennifer, on the other hand, was already working on another show at the time. When she auditioned for Friends and started working here, she loved everything about it. The people, the story, the characters, it was all just perfect for her.

So she went to the producers of the other show and asked them to let her go. Jennifer recalled that they told her that Friends would not make her a star and that their show would. Do I NEED to say anything more?

The reunion was extra special not just because of these little stories but also because of so many appearances.

3. List Of Celebrities On FRIENDS Reunion Special

Here’s a complete list of appearances on the Friends Reunion Special.

  1. James Corden
  2. Tom Selleck
  3. David Beckham
  4. The BTS
  5. James Michael Tyler
  6. Cara Delevingne
  7. Elliot Gould
  8. Christina Pickles
  9. Lady Gaga
  10. Larry Hankin
  11. Kit Harington
  12. Justin Bieber
  13. Cindy Crawford
  14. Mindy Kaling
  15. Thomas Lennon
  16. Maggie Wheeler
  17. Reese Witherspoon
  18. Malala Yousafzai
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4. About Friends: The Reunion

“Friends: The Reunion,” also known as “The One Where They Get Back Together,” is a 2021 reunion special of the American television sitcom Friends. The episode is executive produced by the show’s co-creators, Marta Kauffman and David Crane, Kevin S. Bright, the show’s main cast, and Ben Winston.

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