1899’s Creators Reveal New Netflix Project After Show’s Cancellation

If you liked Netflix’s Dark and 1899, I’ve got some good news for you! After 1899’s sudden and devastating cancellation in January 2023, the creators Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese sought a new project to bring to the streaming platform. They’ve set their sights on one 2019 comic series, and the supernatural element is back!

Just like Dark dealt with children and the unknown, Odar and Friese’s new project will also feature the innocent targeted by monsters. The creative duo will serve as writers, showrunners, directors, and producers on the new Netflix project with Boom! Studios serving as the production company. And now for the reveal of what the show will be about.

Something Killed the Children is a story about Erica Slaughter, who hunts down the monsters that prey on the children in a little town. The limited comic series saw a massive rise in sales and was updated to ongoing and will be the base for the new show by the creators of Dark and 1989.

1899 Creators Reveal New Netflix Project After Show's Cancellation
Something Killed the Children

Odar and Friese’s work have delved into the supernatural before, but the other two shows only occasionally delved into graphic violence. The new show based on Something killed the Children will lean heavily on the horror genre rather than the supernatural, so we expect more gory details from the upcoming show.

The main similarity between the three-season Dark and the incomplete 1899 was that both dealt with several main characters that moved toward solving a greater mystery. But that’s where Something Killed the Children will differ from the duo’s previous shows, focusing on Slaughter and her adventures against the monsters.

1899 Creators Reveal New Netflix Project After Show's Cancellation

1899’s viewers were disappointed to hear of its cancellation, and there is no salvaging the mysteries the show’s season 1 left unsolved. But if it’s any consolation, Netflix will hopefully stick with their latest project, and we might have a new obsession. 

But this adaptation will come after a long wait, as Netflix has yet to set any tentative dates for the upcoming show. What do you think about their latest idea?

Source: Deadline

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