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The second season of Netflix’s first German original series ‘DARK’ is now streaming, and the best advice before you start binging it is to revisit season 1. DARK is a dramatic, sci-fi mystery about missing children and a town’s dark history. Just like the first season, the second season too carries the legacy of being an ominous series featuring an overarching story that starts out slow and difficult to follow, but becomes intriguing as it unfolds. The mixture of mystery and scientific elements raise more questions than provide answers, leaving you wanting more. While this serves to pull in audiences, the show’s odd and sometimes disturbingly emotionless vibe creates a sense of apprehension that isn’t easy to let go of. 

Just like season 1, this season succeeds at telling a strange story that is eerily entertaining. The kind of entertainment that makes you wonder whether you should actually be entertained by it or not. It takes the events a step further and provides the audience with answers attached to even more complicated questions. To sum it up, DARK 2 is like an addictive math problem you can’t solve but still, derive a certain pleasure while trying.

Like its characters, DARK is prepared to embrace its story, no matter how outlandish it becomes. Despite a gloomy tone and a sombre treatment, season 2 of DARK is more about gleeful acceptance and embracing the weird web it’s knitting around the viewers. It’s an alt sci-fi series that revels in its paradoxes and doesn’t shy away from serving complicated problems for the viewers to solve on their own. The makers of DARK, don’t think of its audience as fools and that it’s something to be proud of in this day and age.

Netflix’s’ DARK 2 is a challenge one should only accept if they are tired of spoon-fed narratives and want to test their endurance for complicated meta-physics theories. This one is an amusing ride.

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