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Miniseries ‘Cute Executive Officer’ Greenlit for a Sequel in 2023

Najimu Mujina started her corporate career quite early in life and became a CEO at the tender age of five. However, considering this ‘Cute Executive Officer’ as a typical 5-year-old is a huge mistake.

Youjo Shachou’s protagonist Najimu might look and behave like a toddler, but she’s far from being one. She possesses the qualities of the perfect CEO by being equal amounts cute, motivating, evil, and generous.

Despite being a mini-series, ‘Cute Executive Officer’ gained more popularity than expected, resulting in the anime receiving a second season. The sequel is titled ‘Cute Executive Officer R’ and has been scheduled for an early Spring 2023 debut.

The franchise has also announced that the upcoming season will debut some new characters: Yoshine Budō and Okano RAU. Yoshine is a newcomer to Mujina’s company, and Okano is a child actor.

Considering Okano is also a kid, there will either be a deep bond of friendship between her and Najimu or a rip-roaring rivalry. I’d like to go with the second option as we all know how pampered the CEO is and loves all the attention for herself.

We also have the cast for the new characters, and you can check out the lineup here:

CharacterCastOther Works
Yoshine TakedoIkumi HasegawaManami Nanami (Bottom-Tier Character Tomozaki)
Okano RAUYui OguraMyu (Arifureta)

Like its predecessor, the upcoming sequel will also be a mini-series with 2-3 minute long episodes.

Mini Anime 'Cute Executive Officer' Sequel Green Lit for 2023
Cute Executive Officer | Source: Crunchyroll

What’s unique about this anime is that despite having such short episodes, the show knows how to keep you engaged. Trust me, you won’t find a better dose of comedy and cuteness than this one, so it’s a must-watch for me.

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About Cute Executive Officer

Cute Executive Officer (Yōjo Shachō) is a comedy manga series by Odeko Fujii. It has been serialized online via the website Curazy Manga since January 2018. An original net animation (ONA) anime adaptation by Project No.9 premiered in January 2021.

The story follows the daily life of a five-year-old CEO, Najimu Mujina and how she solves and creates problems with her cuteness, wisdom, and the mindset of a child.

Source: Cute Executive Officer Anime’s Official Twitter Account

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