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Crunchyroll Upcoming Summer Anime Lineup 2020 Revealed!

The Summer Anime Season has finally begun! We already provided you with a list of all the Upcoming Summer Anime Releases and we can’t wait for the release of our favorites. This time, we bring to you, the Summer Lineup of Crunchyroll anime. New releases, exclusives, simulcasts and more are waiting for you! 

New Season Picks

  • The God Of Highschool on 6th July by MAPPA studios. 

Martial artists from all over South Korea participate in a tournament to determine the strongest. 

Summer Lineup of Crunchyroll Upcoming anime.
The God Of Highschool | Source: Pinterest
  • ReZERO: Starting Life in Another World Season 2 on 8th July by Ninefox

Subaru returns to solve the mysteries behind the Fog of Elimination. What does the Witch of Greed want with Subaru? 

  • Rent-A-Girlfriend on 9th July by TMS Entertainment 

Kazuya decides to use the rental services to rent a “pretend girlfriend”. What will blossom between Kazuya and Chizuru? 

  • Gibiate on 15th July by Studio Lunchbox and Studio Elle

Humans have turned into monsters after being infected by a virus named ‘Gibia’ in the year 2030. A samurai and ninja have set out to defeat them. 

  • Healin’ Good Pretty Cure by Toei Animation. 

The Healing Garden is protected by three girls who form the Healin’ Good Pretty Cure team. They protect the mysteries of the secret world on Earth. 

New Simulcasts

  • The Misfit of Demon King Academy starting July 4th at 9 pm. Studio Silver Link
  • Fire Force Season 2 by David Production. 
  • Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice starting 16th July. MAPPA studios. 
Summer Lineup of Crunchyroll anime.
The Misfit of Demon King Academy | Source: Amazon UK

Returning Spring Titles

(The airtime is in PDT. Regional time may vary) 

  • Extra Olympia Kyklos: Monday 6:30 am. Densetsu studio. 
  • Digimon Adventure: Saturday at 7:30 pm. Toei Animation. 
  • Food Wars! The Fifth Plate: 3rd July. J. C. Staff. 
  • Sword Art Online: Alicization War of Underworld: 11th July 9:30 am. A-1 Pictures. 
  • Major Second Season 2: 11th July. OLM studio
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun T: 24th July. J. C. Staff. 

Continuing Simulcasts:

  • One Piece: 28th June
  • Black Clover: 7th July 
  • Ahiru no Sora: Wednesday, 2:25 am
  • Shadowverse: Tuesday, 3 am
  • Wacky Tv Nanana Chase The Kraken Monster!: Thursday, 6:30 am
  • Welcome To Japari Park Season 2: Tuesday, 9 am.

Source: Crunchyroll 

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