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Season 2 of ‘To Your Eternity’ included in Crunchyroll’s Fall 2022 Lineup

To Your Eternity, an anime that didn’t let any fan withhold tears, will receive a second season in 2022. If you thought season 1 was cruel, then I advise you to keep your tissues at hand, because the upcoming episodes will push the nail deeper.

The Jananada Islands arc is over after killing off most of our beloved characters. You’ll be glad to know that this series can take on Attack on Titan in terms of character deaths.

Crunchyroll has announced that it will stream season 2 of To Your Eternity and it will be released in the fall of 2022. After season 1’s massive success, season 2 will be on the top of watchlists.

Enjoy Season 2 of ‘To Your Eternity’ in Crunchyroll’s Fall 2022 Lineup
To Your Eternity | Source: Crunchyroll

Season 2 will feature the Guardians Arc and the Uralis Kingdom arc. Remember Hayase, the creepy stalker lady? The trouble with her isn’t over yet. So just wait to see the “Guardians,” because their surprising connection to Hayase is bound to trip you up.

Next comes the Uralis arc, where Fushi will make an unlikely friend. This insane-looking prince of Uralis will soon be ready to sacrifice his life for his friend.

To Your Eternity also underwent a studio change from Brain’s Base to Drive. Both studios have well-known anime under their belts, so I’m hoping the change is for the best.

Enjoy Season 2 of ‘To Your Eternity’ in Crunchyroll’s Fall 2022 Lineup
To Your Eternity | Source: IMDb

So get ready for the soul-wrenching second season that will prove human follies once again. We are yet to get any solid promotional videos for the upcoming episodes, but I’m sure they will give you a glimpse of the destruction once and for all.

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About To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity is a manga series by Yoshitoki Oima. It has been serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since 2016. Crunchyroll releases its manga in English. It is being adapted into an anime by Studio Brain’s Base and will be released on April 12th.

The story follows an immortal being named Fushi whose purpose is to gain knowledge of the world. He travels from Kingdom to Kingdom and witnesses humans displaying their emotions. As the story progresses, this being takes the form of an abandoned boy and his wolf.


Source: Crunchyroll

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