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Crunchyroll Adds Night Head 2041 And The Great Jahy to Summer Lineup

Summer 2021 has begun and the first run of shows is already up. If you thought your choices were difficult before, wait till you see what Crunchyroll has in store for later this year.

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As usual, there is no perfect partner for you to spend your summer with than Crunchyroll. With the world as it is, staying inside is the right choice, as you decide what to watch next.

Crunchyroll has announced new additions to their Summer 2021 lineup. The service will stream shows like Night Head 2041 and Wakame Konbu’s The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!

The four additions to the lineup this season are: 

This is a story about a boy with past trauma who starts having strange dreams after a mysterious creature bites him. He is transported to a different world and gains the ability to use magical powers.

  • Night Head 2041: 14th July 2021

This takes place in a futuristic world where the existence of people with psychic powers isn’t acknowledged. The story revolves around two brothers who want to lead normal lives but are hunted down by the authorities for being psychics.

Crunchyroll To Stream Nighthead 2041 and Great Jahy in July
Night Head | Source: Twitter

Despite using CG, this looks way better than it should and just might change your opinion about the animation techniques.

  • The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated: 31st July 2021

This is about a powerful demon who loses all her powers and is forced to discover the life of a human.

The plot of The Great Jahy gives off a strong Devil is a Part-Timer vibe. If you liked that one, this would definitely be your cup of tea.

This is a short-format anime that tells stories from Japanese folklore. With a unique art style and narration, this can give you the creeps very easily.

With few sequels this season, Crunchyroll paved the way for more original shows than usual. Not just in terms of the story, but the art style and animation as well.

Between the first run and upcoming shows, there is a lot of room to experience something new and we can’t wait to see what comes out next!

About Night Head 2041

Night Head 2041 is an upcoming Japanese anime television series based on the 1992 Japanese television drama series Night Head.

The story follows the Kirihara brothers who from a young age were incarcerated in a secure scientific facility due to their supernatural powers, having escaped after the barrier that was preventing them malfunctions.

The story also follows the Kuroki brothers who are trying to chase the Kirihara brothers.

About The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!

The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated! is a Japanese comedy manga series written and illustrated by Wakame Konbu. An anime television series adaptation is scheduled to air in July 2021.

The Great Jahy is feared and revered by all. But when a run-in with a magical girl results in the destruction of the precious mana crystal, the Dark Realm falls, transporting the newly puny and powerless Jahy to the human world!

Unfortunately, plotting the revival of the Dark Realm from a cramped, crumbling one-room apartment is no easy feat when you have rent to pay and a job to keep!

Source: Crunchyroll Official Website

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