Cristina Might be Coming Back in Grey’s Anatomy S19 & Here’s Why

The final scene of Grey’s Anatomy season 19, episode 16, showed Cristina sending some equipment for Addison’s PRT, suggesting that the fan-favorite character might return. 

It has been almost a decade since Sandra Oh departed from the show in the season 10 finale, and she has not appeared again. 

After Cristina was denied the Harper Avery Award due to a hospital conflict, she left Seattle to work at the Klausman Institute for Medical Research in Sweden. Grey’s Anatomy season 19 could finally be the season that Oh and Cristina return.

Cristina was one of the first five interns on Grey’s Anatomy and the third to exit the show after George died at the beginning of season 6 and Izzie was fired. 

Her passion for surgery, ambition, and friendship with Meredith made her a quick fan favorite. This made the fans even sadder after she was gone. 

However, Cristina wasn’t killed off like other important characters, and it opened up the possibility for her to come back to the series someday. 

We think Grey’s Anatomy season 19 might finally mark her return!

Cristina had been in contact with the characters of Grey’s Anatomy before this letter, but it was the first time Cristina had been mentioned on screen in a long time. 

The last mention was in season 17 when Cristina texted Owen to check on Meredith when she had Covid. Before that, in season 16, she texted Meredith that she had sent Cormac Hayes as a present. That same season, she also sent a letter of support for Meredith when she had her medical license hearing. 

The closest she has gotten to returning came in Grey’s Anatomy season 11 when a stand-in actress played Cristina at Derek’s funeral.

Cristina Might be Coming Back in Grey’s Anatomy S19 & Here’s Why
Meredith and Cristina

Until now, all her contacts have revolved around Meredith, but her letter to Addison and Bailey showed that she’d also followed her former coworkers and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. 

Cristina and Addison were never close, but Addison’s work mattered enough for Cristina to track and feel a need to help. 

Cristina’s letter came with supplies for Addison’s PRT and sent a letter which read, “This should keep you in business for a while. Keep fighting, Yang.” 

The most important medical storyline in Grey’s Anatomy season 19 has been about the fight for reproductive rights in healthcare after Roe v. Wade was reversed. 

This has been shown through the OB/GYNs wearing black scrubs, Bailey opening the Elena Bailey Memorial Clinic for Reproductive Health, and Addison using the PRT to travel and attend to patients in states with abortion bans.

Cristina has always been a strong voice for women’s choices. She faced two difficult situations in seasons 2 and 7, where she decided to end her pregnancies.

She didn’t let Owen make her feel guilty for doing what was suitable for her. That was a brave and uncommon thing to see on TV back then. 

The fans would love to see Cristina return to Grey’s Anatomy and join Bailey and Addison in defending women’s rights in season 19.

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