The Boys Showrunner Explains Crimson Countess Surprise Cameo in S3  

The Boys season 3 continues the show’s tradition of featuring guest stars in fun roles, with Charlize Theron appearing as Stormfront in the Dawn of the Seven trailer for the Vought Cinematic Universe. 

Jensen Ackles’ Soldier Boy makes a cameo appearance at the end of season 3, episode 5, “The Last Time to Look at This World of Lies,” during which he tracks down his old Payback teammates after being freed from cryo-freeze in Russia. 

Upon discovering his old flame, Crimson Countess (Laurie Holden), he quickly takes her down for handing him over to the Russians where he was tortured and experimented on for decades. 

Eric Kripke talks about the hilariously awkward Crimson Countess scene in which Seth Rogen made a cameo and how it came to be.  

A glimpse of the washed-up Supe’s supplementary income is provided to the audience before Crimson Countess dies. In the scene, Seth Rogen plays a client named @Sir-Cums-A-Lot-779, for whom Crimson Countess performs a webcam show on (Amazon has now actually made the site!). Rogen’s client is about to pleasure himself as she introduces “toys” into their play when Butcher interrupts them prematurely.  

This is Rogen’s third appearance on The Boys. In previous appearances, he played a version of himself. 

The Boys Showrunner Explains Crimson Countess Surprise Cameo in S3
Seth Rogena

Krupke explained the scene in a brief interview with EW. A list of people was on the showrunners’ wish-list to appear in the cameo, but all of them turned it down. Rogen too was initially hesitant to appear in the scene, not due to the content, but due to his similar role on Hulu’s Pam & Tommy. However, when Kripke explained that there were no more options, Rogen stepped in.  

Kripke was humorous about the situation, saying: 

We had a long list of name cameos that we wanted to go after to put in that scene, and for some reason they all passed. I have no idea why they wouldn’t want to jerk off to Crimson Countess aggressively on camera and then orgasm too early. I just can’t imagine why an actor wouldn’t want to do that dream role.

The Boys Showrunner Explains Crimson Countess Surprise Cameo in S3
The Boys Season 3 and Kripke

In contrast to previous episodes, the fifth episode is notably much less gratuitous and features fewer dramatic scenes, except for the memorable Kimiko song and dance sequence. While the scene between the Crimson Countess and @Sir-Cums-A-Lot-779 was edgy, it was still tame when compared to the events that occurred in episode 4.  

Kripke commends Rogen not only for taking on the role but also for taking on the relatively matured role and still keeping it humorous. It comes across better as a self-indulgent guy who’s really excited to do what he’s doing, rather than being an overly lecherous, grotesque man trying to get cheap laughs. 

According to Kripke, he imagines Rogen’s appearances in the show as VCU’s version of Nick Fury.  

In addition to Black Noir: Insurrection and The Deep: Rising Tide, the actor binds all Vought-produced superhero films together. Rogen’s cameo has the advantage of not jarring the show’s logic by having him play a second character – his cam client could very well continue to be ‘Seth Rogen,’ indulgent in his desire in secret.  

Episode 5 also portrays the show’s take on Stan Lee. As with Rogen’s appearances in every season of the show, Lee produced and starred in nearly every Marvel movie before his death. 

If the tradition continues, it will be entertaining to see where Rogen appears in the upcoming seasons of The Boys.  

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