Does someone die in Amazon’s Jack Ryan?

We all know that as a spy drama, Jack Ryan is a show full of high stakes, high thrills, and an even higher body count. So if you’re looking for a guide that has complete information about who dies in the show and how, you’ve come to the right place!

The main character deaths in Jack Ryan seasons 1-3 are Mousa bin Suleiman, Sandrine Arnaud, Matice, Alexei Petrov, and Petr Lebedev.

Let’s walk you through these characters’ deaths in a nutshell and answer any other queries you may have.

1. Who dies in Jack Ryan season 1?

I. Does Mousa bin Suleiman die in Jack Ryan?

Complete List of Character Deaths in Jack Ryan
Mousa Bin Suleiman

Suleiman is season 1’s main antagonist. He’s an Islamic extremist trying to establish a unified Islamic caliphate against the West. Suleiman was responsible for the deaths of over 300 people and even attempted the assassination of the US President.

Mousa bin Suleiman dies in Jack Ryan season 1 finale. Ryan tracks him in a subway station and shoots him on the back as Suleiman tries to run away.

II. How does Sandrine Arnaud die?

Sandrine was a no-nonsense French intelligence officer and a captain at the DGSI. In S1, she is assisting Jack and James to catch Suleiman’s brother. Sadly, she gets shot and dies while trying to save Jack.

III. Does Yazid die in Jack Ryan season 1?

Yazid was a mini-antagonist of the first season who gave us a scare more than once.

Yazid ultimately dies in Jack Ryan’s season 1 episode 6 after being shot in the head by James Greer as they retrieve Hanin and her daughters from Turkish smugglers. Before, Yazid survives the drone strike.

IV. Season 1’s Minor Deaths

In a show like Jack Ryan, there are a lot of side characters who end up dying. So here’s a list of all the minor characters who die in season 1:

  • Fathi, Hanin’s uncle.
  • Ali bin Suleiman, Suleiman’s younger brother.
  • Ibrahim, Suleiman’s the most trusted member.
  • Amer.
  • Colonel Al Radwan.
  • Ansore Dudayev.

2. Who dies in Jack Ryan season 2?

I. Does Matice die in Jack Ryan?

Complete List of Character Deaths in Jack Ryan

We first meet Matice in S1 when he’s involved in apprehending Suleiman. But his role as a recurring character is cut short in season 2. He was a character I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to.

Matice was a high-ranking SAD (Special Activities Division) agent in the CIA. In season 2, he was cornered by Venezuelan guerrillas while trying to rescue a team member. Matice puts up a great fight but dies in the end after running out of ammo.

He was truly a fan-favorite character and he will be dearly missed.

II. Is Nicolás Reyes dead?

The ruthless, power-hungry president of Venezuela, Reyes, is season 2’s main antagonist. His death is not confirmed and left open-ended at the end of the season.

After doing his very best to win the elections again, his political opponent, Gloria, beats him after his illegal activities are revealed to the public. At this point, there’s an angry mob that storms into his presidential quarters. It is assumed that he either takes his own life or is killed by the mob.

III. Season 2’s Minor Deaths

Season 2 had far lesser collateral damage than season 2. The three minor characters that died during the course of the season are Senator Jim Moreno, Miguel Ubarri, and Max Schenkel.

3. Who dies in Jack Ryan season 3?

I. How does Alexei Petrov die?

Alexei Petrox is the Russian Defense Minister who leads a coup against the Russian President. However, in the S3 finale, he gets arrested and is immediately killed by the Russian soldiers.
Jack Ryan

II. How does Petr Lebedev die?

Petr Lebedev is one of season 3’s main villains — a cold war enthusiast who makes a scheme to activate a nuclear war between Russia and the US. For the same, he ensures that his daughter Alena is elected as Czech Republic’s president.

In the finale, when his schemes fail, he is killed by his own daughter who is disgusted to have been used in such nefarious plans.

III. Is Luka Goncharov dead?

In S3’s finale, Luka is approached by a mysterious man who is assumed to be a Russian assassin sent to punish Luka for betraying his country. While his death is not depicted on screen, Luka’s dialogues make it evident that he’s about to be killed.

Luka was the character that everyone rooted for in S3 and it’s devastating to see his story end on such a sad note.

4. Does Jack Ryan die?

Complete List of Character Deaths in Jack Ryan
Jack Ryan and James Greer

As of the events of S3, Jack Ryan does not die in the show. As the show’s main character, he is unlikely to die, although he does get involved in many dangerous situations.

5. Does James Greer die?

James Greer is not dead in Jack Ryan. Fans of the Jack Ryans novel may fear for James’ fate, as he passes away due to his declining health in the novels. However, the show has not yet adapted this storyline and James is still alive, as of season 3.

6. Does Cathy Mueller die?

Cathy Mueller

While we haven’t seen Cathy for two whole seasons, you can rest assured that she is still well and alive. Cathy will return to the show for S4 where she will hopefully rekindle her romance with Jack.

7. Does Mike November die?

Mike November is not dead as of season 3. Like Jack, he too finds himself in many dangerous situations but has always escaped unscathed. He is set to return for S4 in a recurring capacity.

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8. About Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (also known simply as Jack Ryan) is an American political action thriller television series based on characters from the fictional “Ryanverse” created by Tom Clancy that premiered on Amazon Prime Video.

The first season follows the CIA analyst as he discovers a string of dubious bank transfers carried out by a rising Islamic extremist named Suleiman. The second season sees Jack in the middle of political warfare in a corrupt Venezuela. The third one will see Jack on the run and in a race against time.

Carlton Cuse and Graham Roland created the series, and Cuse serves as an executive producer alongside John Krasinski, Michael Bay, and Mace Neufeld, among others. Krasinski also stars in the series as the title character.

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