Call of Duty Modern Warfare III’s latest update fixes a lot of bugs

Just a few days back, it was revealed that Call of Duty Modern Warfare III is the lowest-rated Call of Duty title, according to Metacritic. Developers Activision and Sledgehammer games have noted this and look to be trying to make amends.

The update released on November 15th for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III seeks to fix several recurrent issues in the game. This includes the controversial and laggy Call of Duty HQ app, various crash points in the game have been set, the Team DeathMatch score limit being increased to 100 from 75, and a few weapon attachment balance changes and problems regarding challenges not being tracked correctly.

The update mainly focuses on the campaign and multiplayer modes. However, the new open-world Zombies mode also gets a couple of fixes.

The changes to the Zombies mode include an issue that has fixed an Act 2 mission to not auto-queue in-game. Another persistent cause of crash has also been fixed that caused Modern Warfare III to crash while navigating the Zombies menu.

The patch notes included changes to the CoD HQ, showing a blank screen where the CoD WI tile is supposed to be. Also, buggy selective installs have been fixed. The new update will ensure that the persistent crashes during startup are avoided.

Stability and performance improvements include DLSS3 support in all MW III modes for users with the RTX 40 series GPUs. The DLSS3 upscaling technology will improve performance by up to 1.8x.

There are a lot of changes to the gameplay, which include tracking achievements properly, ziplines and ascenders not disappearing after canceling a climb animation, and multiple game-related crashes in the Oligarch mission for the Campaign mode.

There are multiple changes to the multiplayer gameplay, fixes regarding progression, challenges, and the Terminal and Popov Power maps.

With many changes to the weapons and attachments, Sledgehammer is clearly looking to make amends and make the game a pleasurable experience. While the start has been rocky, with several quality-of-life improvements, Call of Duty Modern Warfare III could endear itself to the fan base in time.

About Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III is an upcoming instalment in the new line of Modern Warfare Series.

In the direct sequel to the record-breaking Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, Captain Price and Task Force 141 face off against the ultimate threat. The ultranationalist war criminal Vladimir Makarov is extending his grasp across the world causing Task Force 141 to fight like never before.


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