Chloe & Lucifer Will Definitely End up Together, and Here’s Why

Season 5 of Lucifer was a romantic whirlwind for Chloe and Lucifer. With the looming presence of Michael Demiurgos, who comes to mess things up on Earth while Lucifer is in hell, fans were left wondering if DeckerStar ever ends up happening.

As it turns out, Lucifer and Chloe were clearly quite in love after Chloe (at the end of season 4) said the three magical––well, hellraising, in this case––words to Lucifer. But in season 5, when Lucifer finds a window to visit Earth amid chaos, we find DeckerStar finally getting together and giving us some well-needed romance.

But are they together for good? Who knows! Maybe season 5 part 2 will give us some closure.

DeckerStar Will Happen

From the beginning of the hints of romance between Chloe Decker and Lucifer Morningstar in Netflix’s Lucifer, the ship “DeckerStar” has been the food for various fan theories on the internet. Regardless, there was a long wait until we finally saw the two characters getting together all the way down to the end of season four.

When Chloe finally confessed her feelings to Lucifer in the season four finale, fans hoped there would be an equivalent response from Lucifer, but Luci did what Luci does best—ran back to hell.

Lucifer and Chloe’s Love Story | Netflix
Even Netflix ships DeckerStar!

But hold on, we did see season 5 bringing the pair together for some hot loving. And that, if anything, introduced us to a whole new twist of how Chloe affects Luci and, even how Luci affects Chloe!

We’ve all known that Chloe’s presence makes Lucifer vulnerable, i.e. takes away his immortality. But that seemed to have disappeared in season five and we saw Lucifer’s abilities, aka the famous Lucifer Mojo taken over by Chloe instead, which effectively sent Lucifer into an anxiety-ridden season 5 part 1.

Chloe’s Magical Abilities

Lucifer has often dropped hints about Chloe’s subtle magical abilities, the first clue of which was dropped way back in season one, where we saw Lucifer’s vulnerability around Chloe. Even though this was clarified in season five, in that Lucifer makes the subconscious choice to be vulnerable around Chloe, we also found out that Chloe is actually the daughter of an angel.

However, when Chloe realizes that she’s a miracle created by God specifically to be Lucifer’s love, it sends her mind into overdrive. Showrunner Ildy Modrovich revealed to EW in an interview,

“She’s a gift—but what would that make you feel if you were Chloe? Would you feel you were just an object for somebody else? I think that’s a real thing for her to contend with.”

Ildy Modrovich

But despite everything, it seems that season 5 part 1 did allow Chloe and Lucifer to be honest about their feelings to each other, with more focus on how Chloe feels about her existence. Perhaps, since there is going to be a season six, we’ll get to learn more about what powers Chloe really has. What are your theories?

will lucifer and chloe end up together?
Chloe Decker

Is Lucifer vulnerable now?

The possibility of Chloe having magical abilities is closely related to Lucifer’s vulnerability around her. Now, since we know that his vulnerability was a result of his subconscious choice because he had started to care for her, there seems to be a lot to unpack with regards to how Chloe really affects Lucifer.

Towards the end of part 1 of season 5, we see that Lucifer’s Mojo comes back to him, and Chloe has started to make peace with her being a miracle meant for Lucifer. Therefore, it’s safe to say that things look a bit peachy between DeckerStar, but is that meant to last?     

“He decides to make himself vulnerable, and because his brain is kind of behind, his body does it for him.

That’s why angels self-actualize and have the powers they have, be they good or bad. They are trying to tell them something that they need to learn.”

Ildy Modrovich

Lucifer’s Love Confession

Frustratingly for both Chloe and the viewers, Lucifer gets so close to always telling Chloe he loves her but never does, until now at least. After Chloe’s confession at the end of season 4 and Lucifer’s return to Earth when his identical twin Michael creates mayhem while impersonating him, DeckerStar had finally started to get it on.

Naturally, fans expected that Lucifer, who chooses to be vulnerable around the woman he loves, would actually express those feelings to her…but then again, he’s the Devil. This raises the doubt, is the Devil actually capable of love? If yes, does that make him not-the-Devil?

God only knows. No, I don’t mean it as a throwaway phrase, but maybe the appearance of God in season 5 has something to do with it!

will lucifer and chloe end up together?
God in ‘Lucifer’

Maybe Lucifer’s dad does know why his son can’t just own up to his feelings at last.

But whether or not that dream comes to fruition remains to be hopefully seen in part 2 of season 5.

Since we don’t have that yet, we can’t actually make any concrete speculations about season 6. The main ensemble cast is going to return with some other recurring characters as well. On Jan 13, the Lucifer Writer’s Room account on Twitter revealed that even they don’t yet know when exactly part 2 will come out!

“We know everyone wants to know, but the truth is even WE don’t know when #LuciferSeason5B will come out. It’s not finished yet.

The pandemic blew up our plans. But when we have an official release date, trust us, we’re dying to let you know! Same with a trailer. #patience”

So it’s safe to say that there’s a long wait until we get a glimpse of season 6, if at all this year. In the meantime, tell us what you think will happen in part 2 of season 5 in the comments!

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About Lucifer

Lucifer is an American urban fantasy drama series created by Tom Kapinos. It is based on the DC Comics character from The Sandman, created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg. Warner Bros. Entertainment and DC Entertainment produce the series.

Originally premiered in 2016, Lucifer was picked up by Netflix when Fox canceled the show after three seasons. Lucifer is set to end with Season 6, which is rumored to air early in 2022.

The series revolves around Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis), the Devil, who abandons Hell for Los Angeles, where he runs his own nightclub named ‘LUX’ and becomes a consultant to the LAPD. All the while working on his character development to be a better Devil/Angel.

The latest season featured the retirement of God, a lot of broken hearts and mending relationships, ambitious Angels, and the Devil taking it upon himself to right the wrongs of his dear ol’ dad, God.

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