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Can you believe Chicago Fire Season 11 is almost up? What’s more, the firefighter drama has been renewed for another season! The TV series is awaiting its season finale on May 24, 2023, and the penultimate episode is out with new revelations and twists that will definitely make the last episode stand out! 

For the uninitiated, Chicago Fire gives insight into the lives of the fire fighters at the fictional Firehouse 51 in Chicago, Illinois. Despite facing several personal struggles, they are devoted to their professional lives showcasing heroism and bravery.

So, what are you waiting for? Watch Chicago Fire on NBC! Those who are here to learn of the new developments in Episode 21 of Season 11, read on!

In Chicago Fire S11 E21, Carver is revealed to have a record, but his charges are finally dropped. Issues are developing in Brett and Dylan’s marriage, and the former wants to adopt a baby. A major insight is also given into Severide’s whereabouts that even Stella wasn’t aware of.

Let’s delve into the latest updates in Chicago Fire!

  • Carver has a Record of Arrests and Had Risked His Career in the Past 
Carver has a Record of Arrests and Had Risked His Career in the Past 
Jake Lockett portrays Carver in Chicago Fire

In Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 21, Carver is revealed to have been arrested twice for disorderly conduct cases. He has also acted as a source on an IAD case during his candidacy, and the audience realizes there is much to know about him.

When Carver is released from custody in the episode, an investigation is conducted against him by Internal Affairs, and he is suspended. As he was arrested in the first place only because he was trying to protect Stella, he marches down to IAD to know why such an action was taken against him.

Frank Silva reminds him about his two prior disorderly conduct arrests and the written reprimand on his file. The audience realizes that Carver had gotten into a few bar fights earlier in his life and that there is much we still do not recognize about the character.

Additionally, Carver reveals that he had previously acted as a source on an IAD case when he was a candidate. This had been a risk to his career, yet he had done what was right, showing us that Carver’s past still holds several secrets and mysteries.

  • Carver’s Charges are Dropped Due to Stella’s Efforts, and Shep Miraculously Goes to a Residential Facility
Carver's Charges are Dropped Due to Stella's Efforts, and Shep Miraculously Goes to a Residential Facility
Stella Kidd in Chicago Fire

In Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 21, Stella convinces Shep to drop the charges against Carver. She is also able to get Shep to move to a residential facility for help, and the latter miraculously agrees. Carver’s suspension is also lifted.

Carver was arrested while trying to protect Stella from her stalker, Shep. Thus, she fought twice as hard as anyone to free Carver from his legal troubles.

Stella found Shep and convinced him to drop the charges. But when she saw him, she realized he was in dire need of her help too. Stella found a residential facility that could take him in, and shockingly he let her take him there. 

Though Shep still believed that Carver was her boyfriend, to convey his gratitude for rescuing him, Shep dropped the charges, and the investigation on Carver was called off. The suspension was also withdrawn.

  • Brett Decline Dylan’s Calls, and They Seem to be Experiencing a Rough Patch
Brett Decline Dylan's Calls, and They Seem to be Experiencing a Rough Patch
Matthew Casey and Sylvie Brett in Chicago Fire

In Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 21, Brett declines Dylan’s calls and blames it on having a busy shift. Dylan accepts her excuse at face value, and a date night is planned. However, it doesn’t go well, and Brett announces her desire to adopt a baby.

The last episode of Chicago Fire seemed like the show was building up to a long-expected end of Brett and Dylan’s relationship. In the show, Brett was seen to be declining Dylan’s calls, and when Dylan turned up at the firehouse, she claimed it was due to having a “busy shift.”

However, the audience is well aware that it is not the reason. Dylan, however, believed it, and they planned to have a date night. Unfortunately, the date does not go well, and Brett reveals she wants to adopt a baby.

Though he seems supportive, her declaration throws him off, and he chugs down his double bourbon as it arrives. There are more issues arising in their relationship. With Casey’s arrival in the finale, things could change for Dylan and Brett, possibly for the best.

  • Brett Wanted to Adopt a Baby She Saved
Brett Wanted to Adopt a Baby She Saved
Kara Killmer portrays Sylvie Brett in Chicago Fire

In Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 21, Brett gets attached to a baby she helped save and digs deep to find out about the family fostering her. The latter helps her develop a plan to adopt her successfully, but it remains to be seen whether she will succeed or not.

As Brett and Violet visit the hospital to get updates on the baby they saved, we can see that Brett has developed an attachment to her. One of the nurses informs her that a foster couple has been found, and she digs deeper into the family to ensure the baby’s safety.

When she later visits the DCFS, she seems reluctant to accept that the baby will be safe. The paramedic sees what is happening for what it truly is and realizes that Brett wants to adopt the baby. However, the latter is informed that it is not possible as they need to find a home for the newborn as soon as possible, and adoption processes are lengthy and time-consuming.

Brett meets with the foster family, and when they see her holding the baby, they realize that the baby belongs with her. They inform her of the loophole where if Amber reclaims custody of the baby and designates Brett as the legal guardian, Brett could later adopt the child. 

At the end of the episode, we see Brett approaching Amber, but the contents of what occurred are yet to be revealed.

  • Stella Was Unaware of Severide’s Whereabouts
Stella Was Unaware of Severide’s Whereabouts
Kelly Severide in Chicago Fire

In Chicago Fire Season 11 Episode 21, Severide’s change of plans is revealed. Shockingly, the audience realizes that even Stella was unaware of her husband leaving Alabama to help with an ATF investigation.

Severide had gone away to attend an OFI training camp. Cruz, who filled in for him at the Training Academy, learns that Severide’s training session has ended and that he is no longer in Alabama. The chief of the Academy informs him that Severide impressed the instructors at the camp so much that they requested his help in an ATF investigation.

At the end of the episode, Cruz asks Stella about Severide and relives the information he has just learnt. To add to the surprise, we realize that just as us, Stella was kept in the darkness too. This development could add hurdles in their marriage.

New details about Severide could be viewed as an explanation for his absence from the finale. Alternatively, it could be to aid his exit from the show. We will have to wait for the conclusion to know more about the possible development, and let us keep our fingers crossed for the best!

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About Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire is an American drama television series created by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas. It is the first installment of Wolf Entertainment’s Chicago franchise which deals with different public services in Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago Fire follows the professional and personal lives of firefighters, rescue personnel, and paramedics of the Chicago Fire Department at the fictional Firehouse 51. The series premiered on NBC on October 10, 2012.

It stars Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Monica Raymund, Lauren German, and Charlie Barnett among many others. Its eleventh season premiered on September 21, 2022 and in April 2023, the series was renewed for a twelfth season.

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