‘Chicago Fire’ Season 11 Finale: Puzzles, Problems and Pending Plot

Firehouse 51 faces many challenges and changes this year, both on and off duty. However, they always manage to handle every emergency and come out on top.

In the season 11 finale of Chicago Fire, “Red Waterfall,” NBC and Wolf Entertainment wrap up some of the major storylines that have been building up while also teasing new ones for the future. 

It’s a thrilling and emotional episode that leaves fans with many questions and cliffhangers to keep the adrenaline pumping for the next season!

1. The Marriage Malfunction

The Marriage Malfunction
Taylor Kinney and Miranda Rae Mayo in Don’t Hang Up (2021)

Fans were taken aback when Taylor Kinney left Chicago Fire season 11 in the middle! However, the exit was only temporary, and they discovered that Kelly Severide would return soon.

NBC and Wolf Entertainment explained his sudden absence by sending him to a rare and urgent OFI training camp. However, it has been long since he left, and his wife, Stella Kidd, is unhappy with him for making that decision without consulting her.

Keeping the marriage intact is becoming an ordeal for Kidd with every passing day. 

In the season 11 finale of Chicago Fire, she asks for guidance from her friends, including Chief Boden. The Chief consoles her and says that Severide still loves her, but she seems unconvinced. 

At the end of the episode, she decides to take a break from work and get her husband back. However, she wonders if Severide would want to return, especially if he’s having a gala time away from the crew for a while.

Severide and Kidd Bring the Heat and Things Get Steamy - Chicago Fire (Mashup)

2. Firehouse 51 Faces Friction and Flirting

Firehouse 51 Faces Friction and Flirting
Hanako Greensmith and Kara Killmer in A Couple Hundred Degrees (2021)

Spending so much time together and facing the same dangers makes it easy for Chief Boden’s crew to connect on more levels than one. It’s been a while since they had a messy love triangle, but the season 11 finale might have started a new one! 

It hints that Sam Carver has a secret crush on Kidd and also confirms that Violet Mikami likes the new Squad guy. We don’t know if NBC and Wolf Entertainment will follow up on these amorous delusions, but they will surely add the zest we all want!

3. Brett Brings Home a Bundle of Joy

Brett Brings Home a Bundle of Joy
Kara Killmer and Miranda Rae Mayo in Chicago Fire (2012)

Sylvie Brett is happy with her new boyfriend, Dylan, even though Matt Casey has unexpectedly returned to Chicago. However, a sudden dilemma encompasses her when she wants to adopt a baby that she and Violet helped deliver on a call. 

Adopting a baby is not easy, as Joe Cruz learned when he took in Javi. However, with the help of her friends at Firehouse 51, she finds a way to bring home baby Julia after her birth mom agrees to let Sylvie be a guardian. Such a bundle of joy!

4. Casey Comes Back and Pops the Question to Brett

Casey Comes Back and Pops the Question to Brett
Jesse Spencer and Kara Killmer in The Magnificent City of Chicago (2022)

Casey’s previous visit to Chicago was mostly for work, but he tried to talk to Brett and fix their relationship in vain. However, things change in this season’s finale, and he finally gets his golden chance.

After Dylan dumps her out of the blue, Casey sees his opportunity to step up and finally pop the question to Brett. Sadly, fans must wait until next season to find Brett’s answer.

To make things more interesting, Casey hasn’t said anything about moving back to Chicago, so we wonder if he wants to do another long-distance thing.

5. Did Mouch Die in the Finale?

Did Mouch Die in the Finale?
Christian Stolte in Double Red (2021)

Firehouse 51 has to deal with a crazy plant fire that some terrorists conjured in the finale. 

Luckily, they catch the crooks and put out the flames, but not before Mouch gets hurt. He makes it to Chicago Med just in time and is taken to a private room. 

However, he starts bleeding again, and the season ends with everyone looking worried. Will Mouch make it, or will Firehouse 51 lose their oldest pal?

One Chicago fans can breathe a sigh of relief as all three shows, plus the Law & Order gang, are coming back this fall. But Chicago Fire left us with some major cliffhangers that we must discuss all summer long. 

Will Brett say yes to Casey’s proposal? Will Casey stay in Chicago or go back to his family? Will Mouch survive his gunshot wound? And what about Kidd and Severide? Are they trapped in a burning building, or did they make it out? 

Chicago Fire season 12 better have some answers for us, or we’ll be fuming!

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6. About Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire is an American drama television series created by Michael Brandt and Derek Haas. It is the first installment of Wolf Entertainment’s Chicago franchise which deals with different public services in Chicago, Illinois.

Chicago Fire follows the professional and personal lives of firefighters, rescue personnel, and paramedics of the Chicago Fire Department at the fictional Firehouse 51. The series premiered on NBC on October 10, 2012.

It stars Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Monica Raymund, Lauren German, and Charlie Barnett among many others. Its eleventh season premiered on September 21, 2022 and in April 2023, the series was renewed for a twelfth season.

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