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Major 2nd Season 2 Coming Back: Episode 5 Release Date, Updates

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on the planet and disrupting lives of people everywhere. The entertainment industry too has taken a hit – production of anime episodes and releases are postponed. But, the industry is fighting back, the staff members are working from home diligently to provide quality material that could be released [...]

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Pokemon: Does Mewthree exist? Recent Game Rumors Riles up Fans

Mewtwo has a pretty dark history - born from a pregnant Mew, who was found deep in Guyana's jungles, with its embryo tampered with to alter its DNA. Mew was kidnapped and held in Giovanni's mansion where a Team Rocket scientist, Blaine, in Tauros the Tyrant performed horrific gene-splicing experiments on the poor creature to [...]

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A Certain Scientific Railgun T Episode 16 DELAYED, Release Date

No one likes it when their favorite manga's new chapter or anime's new episode gets delayed. But fans worldwide are being forced to get used to these delays due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Despite the delays and lockdowns, the industry is trying its best to lift the spirit of fans around the world by [...]

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Fairy Tail’s Latest RPG Game DELAYED Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Fans around the world love it when their favourite manga and anime are turned into games. Everyone loves assuming the roles of their beloved characters to live the story that they love reading and watching about so much. No wonder RPG or Role Playing Games like Elder Scrolls, Witcher 3, Final Fantasy, Fallout, or War [...]

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Tower of God Episode 9: Release Date, Preview, Delay

The last episode was filled with betrayal and kept the viewers on their toes. Just as Team A was looking like they clinched the game, treachery showed it's claws. Let's take a look at Kami no Tou Tower of God Episode 9 release date and other details. Table Of Contents 1. Episode 9 Release Date [...]

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Great Pretender Anime: WIT Studio Unveils Video, Manga Adaptation

During the Anime Expo 2019, WIT Studio (Attack on Titan, Vinland Saga, Seraph of the End) announced a 23-episode long original anime television series. Written by Ryota Kosawa and directed by Hiro Kaburag, the story revolves around con-artists trying to swindle their way to the top. The title of the series is – The Great [...]

Akudama Drive Anime Manga News

Akudama Drive: Manga Licensed for the Original Anime Series

In March, Too Kyo Games along with Studio Pierrot, announced an original anime series called Akudama Drive for release in July 2020. It instantly gained attention for being an original anime and not based on a manga or video game. Check out our complete article on Akudama Drive Season 1: However, due to COVID-19, the [...]

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Haikyu!! To The Top Cour 2 (Season 4) DELAYED Due to COVID-19

Each episode of Haikyu!!'s new season, has been a nail-biter. It was announced at the very beginning that Haikyu!! To the Top would be a split-cour anime comprising 25 episodes. A split-cour happens when a season of an anime takes a break for a few months before resuming the broadcast. As of episode 13, Karasuno, [...]

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Today’s Menu for Emiya Family Nintendo Switch Delayed

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is causing ripples of disruption in the entertainment industry this year. Even with the entertainment industry trying it's best to keep everyone in a better mood by providing them with much-needed content, some delays are inevitable. One such delay is that of the new Today's Menu for Emiya Family (Emiya-sanchi no [...]

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Kengan Ashura Season 3 (The End of Ohma Tokita) - Release Date

It's time to assemble all the battle anime fans. Kengan Ashura is back with its dynamic action loaded fight sequences, probably for the last time. Now that we all have watched the first two seasons, this one is literally making me weak in the knees, as this most likely would be the last season. In [...]

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Baki Season 2 Updates: Release Date, Title & Trailer is Out

While the COVID-19 pandemic is causing a very chaotic year for people around the world, entertainment companies are trying their best to keep everyone's spirits high. They are diligently working to produce new content for viewers worldwide. Let's admit it, who doesn't get excited when they hear that a new season of their favorite anime [...]

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One Piece: Stampede Coming to FUNimation for a LIMITED TIME

In the 20 years that One Piece has been on air, it has brought out many movies including hits like One Piece: Film Z and One Piece: Gold. The most recent One Piece film, Stampede, was released on 1st August 2019. On Wednesday, Funimation announced that it will stream One Piece: Stampede, which will be [...]