Is Romance a Part Hogwarts Legacy? Dating Options Explained

Ron and Hermione. Harry and Ginny. Snape and Lily. Sorry, didn’t want to break your heart with that last one, but you get where I’m going with this.

Hogwarts is a beautiful, magical, wondrous place where young witches and wizards study magic, uncover secrets, and quite frequently, risk their lives. It is also a place where students fall in love, and people who’ve bought Hogwarts Legacy are wondering whether they can do the same.

While players can form platonic relationships and deepen friendships with their schoolmates in Hogwarts Legacy, they cannot indulge in any romance. According to Avalanche Software, the game’s developers, it was a conscious decision not to include romance options in Hogwarts Legacy.

This means it’s safe to say that there will be no romance brewing at your time in Hogwarts this year.

Can you date and have a romantic relationship in Hogwarts Legacy?
Brewing potions in Hogwarts Legacy

1. Why is there no romantic relationship option in Hogwarts Legacy?

In an interview with German gaming news site GamePro, lead writer Moira Squier and game designer Kelly Murphy answered why there won’t be any romantic love happening in Hogwarts Legacy.

The game seeks to be as inclusive as possible, and the developers didn’t want to limit players by giving them predesigned relationship options. “We want you to be able to be with whoever you want,” said Squier.

Additionally, players start off in their fifth year at Hogwarts, which means their character is about 15 years old. Touching upon teenage romance can be a risky thing, especially in the current social environment.

The majority of the characters in the game are children, so it’s understandable why the game developers would want to shy away from the romance option.

2. Should there be romance in Hogwarts Legacy?

Can you date and have a romantic relationship in Hogwarts Legacy?
Hogwarts Legacy

Avalanche Software would definitely be opening themselves to criticism if they had added the romance option in Hogwarts Legacy. But some players feel the game is incomplete without it because teenage love is a strong part of Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s Hogwarts journey.

I mean, sure it would have been awesome to go for an awkward date in Hogsmeade like Harry and Cho did, but not every role-playing game has to offer romance. Hogwarts Legacy is meant to be about exploring a dark mystery about an ancient forgotten magic, not about exploring love.

Sure, there are quests that allow you to strengthen your friendship with non-playable characters (NPCs), but these are only so friends can evolve into companions, who in turn will help player characters progress through various storylines.

Young love can be rather endearing and doesn’t have to be physical or sexual and could’ve been included in the game. But just the fact that players can deepen their bonds with their companions, who themselves have a well-fleshed out backstory, fills in the gap of teenage romance in Hogwarts Legacy.

3. Can you date Sebastian in Hogwarts Legacy?

Can you date and have a romantic relationship in Hogwarts Legacy?
Sebastian Sallow

You cannot date the Slytherin companion character Sebastian Sallow, but you can complete a Companion Quest to befriend him. You can also go to Hogsmeade with Sebastian and pretend it’s a date.

But like the other 3 companion characters, Natsai Onai (Gryffindor), Amit Thakkar (Ravenclaw), and Poppy Sweeting (Hufflepuff), Sebastian’s purpose is different. Players can complete a specific mini quest (which is optional) which will make Sebastian your companion; this in turn, will expand your abilities.  

Even before the game came out, a lot of people were crushing on Sebastian looking at the promotional material.

The guy is from Slytherin, which already makes him interesting, in the same way Malfoy was. He’s undeniably cute, is charming and friendly, and has a dark backstory.

I can definitely see why players were looking forward to forming a romantic connection with this companion, but unfortunately, you’ll have to be satisfied by simply having him as your friend.

4. Can you be a girl in Hogwarts Legacy?

In Hogwarts Legacy, players can either be a witch – a female-presenting Hogwarts student, or a wizard – a male-presenting Hogwarts student. Witches sleep in the girl’s dormitory while wizards only have access to the boy’s dorm of their particular house.

In the original Harry Potter books, girls/witches could go into the boys’ dorms but if boys tried to access the girls’ dorms, the stairs would turn into a slide. However, in the game, if you’ve chosen to be a witch at the onset of your character creation process, you will only have access to the witch/female/girl dorm.

It should be noted, though, that the witch and wizard selection in Hogwarts Legacy is purely for the selection of dorms. Read all about the differences of choosing witch or wizard in Hogwarts Legacy here.

Whatever you choose to be, you cannot have romantic relationships with anyone else.

5. Will there be romance in Hogwarts Legacy?

Can you date and have a romantic relationship in Hogwarts Legacy?
Ron and Hermione

In Hogwarts Legacy, player characters start their journey at Hogwarts in the fifth year. In the books and movies, during years 5-7, romance plays a huge part in strengthening character development and bonds.

It would be strange not to have some kind of love angle, especially as player characters enter their senior year at Hogwarts. This is why we can expect some kind of romance if there is another installment of Hogwarts Legacy in the future.

If we’re lucky, the creators might even release some downloadable content (DLC) in the coming months that will allow players to either go on dates or have romantic conversations. This feature was available in the later versions of the Harry Potter mobile game, Hogwarts Mystery.

Till then, you can enjoy making relationships in Hogwarts Legacy – even if it doesn’t entail making out.

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6. About Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is an open-world RPG from Avalanche Studio. The game places the player in the wizarding school of Hogwarts, allowing them to witness the iconic locations as a character other than Harry Potter. 

The game has an expansive map that makes the game very immersive, even for people who are yet to read the books or watched the movie.

The mysterious, gripping storyline, with the vast areas to explored, either on foot or broomstick, makes it even more real life.

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