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Can Baki Hanma beat Yujiro Hanma?

The recent episode left many followers of the series disappointed. The showdown they were waiting for since the start of the series, was teased but never shown.

The Great Raitai Tournament Saga finally ended after setting up a Grand Finale between the Hanma’s for the next season. Will Baki Hanma finally surpass his father, Yujiro?

1. Can Baki beat Yujiro?

The recent episode concluded the series on a cliffhanger. After ruthlessly defeating Muhammad Alai Jr., Baki is finally acknowledged by his father. After seeing his fight, Yujiro ultimately deems Baki worthy of being stopped.

Can Baki Hanma beat Yujiro Hanma in Baki?
Baki Hanma | Source: Baki Wiki-Fandom

While the fight between the Hanmas will not conclude until after the release of the next season.

Baki Hanman cannot beat his father, the Ogre – Yujiro Hanma. Yujiro is still vastly superior to Baki in both skill, technique, and strength. Their respective clashes against Musashi just goes to show how much better Yujiro is.

So at least as of this moment, Baki cannot beat Yujiro. He still has a lot more training to do before he can catch up to the strongest creature in the series,

2. How strong is Baki?

Baki’s strength is constantly growing throughout the series. At first, Baki was shown to be on the same level as Mount Toba, a wrestler who was strong enough to defeat Junichi Hanada easily. When he turned 17, he was already the champion of the Tokyo Underground Dome.

As Baki’s never stops getting stronger, it is difficult to ascertain a definitive level to his strength. Baki’s strength increased during his fight with Gaia when he learned to utilize his endorphins to boost his strength and speed.

Baki vs Gaia - Full Fight
Baki vs Gaia

Later, Baki grew powerful enough to fight against two escaped convicts at once and quickly defeated them. His strength, speed, stamina, and techniques are superior to the majority of characters,

By the end of the third series, before Baki’s ultimate fight with his father, Baki is so strong that he can vaporize a punching machine pad with a casual punch. At this point, it can be safely assumed that Baki is possibly the second strongest character of the series.

3. How strong is Yujiro?

Yujiro is the strongest character in the series, with his strength being said to equal that of an entire army or more. Yujiro, when he was 16, along with his father, Yuichiro Hanma, was able to defeat the American military forces during the Vietnam War.

Can Yujiro Hanma beat Baki Hanma in Baki?
Yujiro Hanma | Source: Pinterest

He is a genius fighter who is known to have mastered all forms of unarmed combat. His repertoire includes all of the popular fighting styles, as well as some more esoteric ones.

It is said that Yujiro’s hits are like nuclear explosions. Another indication of his strength would be his durability. Yujiro is tough enough to take a full impact hit from anyone on Earth without even flinching.

He is shown to move at warp-like speeds, that is invisible to human eyes, almost as if teleporting. He can easily out-maneuver any character in the series in terms of pure speed.

It should be noted as well that Yujiro has the extraordinary ability to learn and master a fighting style instantly. Yujiro is continuously advancing his strength, becoming stronger with each person he defeats every day.

4. Baki vs. Yujiro [Spoilers]

After defeating Muhammad Alai Jr. ruthlessly and quickly, Yujiro has no choice but to acknowledge Baki’s powers. After seeing his fight, Yujiro believes Baki is ultimately worthy of being stopped.

By the end of the third series, before Baki’s ultimate fight with his father, Baki is shown to be so strong that he can completely vaporize a punching machine pad with a casual punch.

Baki vs Father | Baki vs Yujiro Hanma
Baki Hanma Vs Yujiro Hanma

At this point, it can be safely assumed that Baki is possibly the second strongest character of the series.

However, Baki is shown to still be vastly inferior to his father. It is only after his demon back appears that he is shown to be powerful enough to hurt Yujiro.

While Baki ends up losing to his father in the end, Yujiro admits that he can no longer be called the only strongest creature alive, as Baki is worthy of being considered his equal.

5. Will Baki surpass Yujiro in the future?

As the protagonist of the series, we’ve seen Baki go from an arrogant young boy who thought he was better than everyone, to a young man who just wants to be a little stronger than his father.

He has grown a lot, from being the tournament champion, to be able to take on two of the escaped death row inmates at the same time.

Can Yujiro Hanma beat Baki Hanma in Baki?

Baki, like other people in the Japan/America team, easily handled his opponent during the Great Raitai Tournament and Defeated and nearly killed Muhammad Alai Jr in under two minutes.

Baki is also considerably stronger than Yujiro was at his age. It is highly likely that Baki’s rate of progression in terms of strength is faster than Yujiro’s, and it may not be long before he surpasses Yujiro as the strongest character in the series.

6. About Baki

Baki is adjusted from the manga, Baki The Grappler, and it’s a well-known manga arrangement in Japan since it made its presentation. It’s very famous among battling aficionados.

The establishment has been extraordinarily well known for nearly three decades since its introduction in 1991. The show showed up on Netflix Japan first in June 2018 and was later trailed by a worldwide release in December 2018.

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