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Call of the Night Episode 6, Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online

Episode 5 of Call of the Night is titled “Well, That’s a Problem.” Having woken up too early to meet Kou, Nazuna opts to spend some quality time alone.

It is impossible for Kou not to be aroused by Nazuna’s after-bath look and to feel all sexual emotions when they finally meet. Nazuna may want to keep his mind off them, but after drinking his blood, he realizes the depth of his desires.

Here are the latest updates.

Episode 6 Speculation

By the end of episode 5, Kou prevented Nazuna from returning to work, so she is entirely out of funds. Nazuna tells him that the night also costs money, but Kou says it isn’t his fault.

To add to Nazuna’s anger, Kou made her pay for the hotel. When Nazuna requested some money from Kou, he was shocked. Nazuna approached Kou and enticed him with her scheme.

Call of the Night Episode 6, Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online
Nazuna | Source: IMDb

It will be Kou’s job to bring customers and give them massages as Nazuna does in the next episode. She even agreed to pay him 2000 yen for each massage.

Despite his inexperience, Kou is reassured by Nazuna that he must do exactly what she does. Kou will give massages and attract many customers to help Nazuna, and it will be hilarious to watch.

Episode 6 Release Date

Episode 6 of the Call of the Night anime has been released on Thursday, Aug 11, 2022.

1. Is Call of the Night on Break This Week?

No, episode 6 of Call of the Night is not on break this week. The episode will be released as per schedule.

Episode 5 Recap

In the morning, Nazuna wakes up disappointed to discover she still has plenty of time before meeting Kou. Despite having other chores to do, she ends up just watching television for a while and doesn’t accomplish anything. She goes out for a walk once the sun has set.

The lack of enthusiasm for life she sees from some strangers makes Nazuna feel gloomy. Even though she misses Kou, she decides to spend some time alone since she cannot meet him at the moment.

Call of the Night Episode 6, Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online
Call of the Night | Source: IMDb

In a public bathroom, Nazuna relaxes a little. Her watch beeps just as she begins to feel comfortable. Immediately after leaving, she meets Kou.

Kou can’t help but stare blankly at her due to her new hairstyle and overall altered look. Although he keeps his cool, it is evident that Nazuna’s look leaves him dumbfounded, and he tries to keep his cool.

The feeling of arousal makes Kou ask his friend to drink his blood. The two-fold benefit of getting his blood sucked by Nazuna is evident to him, and he does not mind getting it sucked.

As a result, he can clear his mind. The second reason is that he perceives a strange relationship developing with Nazuna and feels that it is a good sign since his ultimate goal is to become a vampire after falling in love with her.

Consequently, he lets her drink his blood, which leads to them accidentally ending up at a motel they thought was a video game store. It is unclear whether Nazuna knew about Kou’s feelings when she comes uncomfortably close to him.

As Nazuna reminds Kou, he should not suppress his emotions but instead allow them to govern his actions from time to time. Kou considers her suggestion deeply as she watches television. Even though they are heading out, Kou still seems lost in his thoughts.

Call of the Night Episode 6, Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online
Call of the Night | Source: Crunchyroll

Then, when he was not with her, he wondered where Nazuna got the blood to drink. Her mention of consuming the blood of the man standing on the street is coincidental. A strange look appears on Kou’s face.

Nazuna teases Kou about drinking other people’s blood in the past after she realizes he’s feeling jealous when she mentions drinking other people’s blood. Her reply explained that it wasn’t about forming a relationship but satisfying a natural appetite for blood and that she even drank women’s blood.

Nazuna dresses up as a nurse and takes Kou to her apartment. A card with a few massage options and a price is given to him as he lays down. Nazuna clarifies beforehand that Kou does not have to pay for a mesage if he wants one.

Kou does not decline and begins to rub his back as soon as he has lied down. While trying to keep his thoughts in check, Kou can’t help but feel aroused.

He can barely think of anything else since Nazuna is close to him. She decides to massage his head after she rubs his back. Nazuna then explains the different pressure points that help blood flow and relax the body.

Call of the Night Episode 6, Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online
Call of the Night | Source: Crunchyroll

After she uses various massage techniques, he can feel his body becoming quite comfortable. He realizes that she probably got blood in this way before she met him.

Nazuna was giving comfort massages to people at the end of the day, so they could relax after working all day. As soon as she helped them relax, she had the opportunity to drink their blood. As a result, Nazuna could satisfy her hunger for blood and keep her identity hidden.

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About Call of the Night

Call of the Night manga by Kotoyama was first published in the Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine in 2019. The series will receive an anime adaptation in July 2022.

The series’ plot focuses on Ko Yamori, a human, and Nazuna, a laid-back and free-spirited vampire. After Ko discovers Nazuna’s nature, he wants to become a vampire too.

Yet, the only way to turn into a vampire is by falling in love with one.

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