Call of Duty Mobile announces two zombie modes for upcoming Season 9

Call of Duty is known for its Seasonal Operator bundles. Call of Duty mobile has announced its plans with Halloween a little over a month away.

Call of Duty Mobile has announced Two Zombie Modes for Season 9, “Graveyard Shift.” The two new zombie modes will be the Zombies Classic Mode and the Undead Siege Mode. They will be available when Season 9 launches on October 4th at 5 PM PT.

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Official Season 9: Graveyard Shift Trailer

Zombies Classic Mode will deploy the players to Shi No Numa, aka the Swamp of Death, and they will participate in a classic round-based game mode. Shi No Numa is one of CoD: Black Ops 3’s Zombie maps.

Players will be required to eliminate the “shambling creatures” and use the earned points to open new pathways and purchase perks. Players can stack up their attacks with powerful items and weapons that can be acquired from the Mystery Box.

In the other mode, i.e., Undead Siege, players will be dropping into a zombified version of the Battle Royale map Isolated. They will have to work with their teammates to survive for a period of five days and five nights.

In this mode, players will have to scavenge for supplies and equipment during the day to fight off the zombies at night. Turrets are available as an added defense. The teleporter has to be kept in working order by providing frequent repairs.

Season 9 also comes with a POI adjustment and a new Camo reward for players who climb up the ranks while slaying the undead.

Other themed events include the Halloween-themed Fright Factory Event, Ghost Chasing Spectral Smackdown, and Team-Up Rank Shield Event.

The Mythic CX-9 “Lethal Hollow” is a new weapon set to be included in Season 9. Season 9 will also see the introduction of the new battle pass. This will consist of the Launcher Plus Perk, which improves the functionality of Launchers in-game.

With the announcement of Call of Duty Warzone Mobile last year, players were worried that the devs would stop the support for Call of Duty Mobile. However, with such a committed announcement and a host of new features for the new Season, players can relax and kill zombies from October 4th.

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