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‘Break of Dawn’ Set to Break Boundaries of Sci-Fi Anime Movies this October

The Earth is in danger, and its safety squad consists of elementary school students. In the upcoming anime film, Break of Dawn, you’ll realize that sometimes the best defense strategy can be figured out by a child.

Set in the near future, the series visualizes a technologically advanced world where robots are employed everywhere.

Fortunately, one of them defects and spills out how the Earth will be destroyed by a cosmic collision soon. Unfortunately, our child protagonist is the only one who understands the gravity of the situation.

Break of Dawn or Bokura no Yoake, a manga by Tetsuya Imai, is inspiring an anime movie that will be released in October 2022.

Studio Zero-G is in charge of the animation production. The latest promotional video establishes the awesome quality of the movie as the space scenes are especially mindblowing:

The second special report on the theater animation “Break of Dawn”

In the video, you can see Yuuma, and his housemaid robot, Nanase. Yuuma is interested in astronomy, so he finds the robot boring.

Yet, when he does try to talk to it about outer space, Nanase crashes and spills some very unexpected information. Now, on top of his homework, Yuuma has to deal with saving the Earth and the possible existence of aliens.

A stunning visual has also been unveiled, which shows Yuuma and Nanase and a bizarre signal-like light that rises to the sky from a building in the background.

‘Break of Dawn’ Set to Break Boundaries of Sci-Fi Anime Movies this October
Break of Dawn Visual | Source: Official Website

The cast members behind Yuuma and his defective robot pal have also been revealed:

CharacterCastOther Works
Yuuma SawatariHana SugisakiSayaka (When Marnie Was There)
NanaseAoi YuukiTsuyu Asui (My Hero Academia)
‘Break of Dawn’ Set to Break Boundaries of Sci-Fi Anime Movies this October
Yuuma Visual | Source: Official Website
‘Break of Dawn’ Set to Break Boundaries of Sci-Fi Anime Movies this October
Nanase Visual | Source: Official Website

If you are a fan of sci-fi anime movies like Summer Wars, you are bound to love Break of Dawn. With Earth’s impending doom and an insanely underaged savior, what else can you need for the ultimate battle against fate?

About Break of Dawn

Break of Dawn is a manga by Tetsuya Imai which was first published from January to October 2011 in the Monthly Afternoon magazine. It will also receive an anime adaptation in October 2022.

The series is set in the near future when automated robots are employed quite often. Yuuma, the protagonist is interested in astronomy and tries to chat about it with his housekeeping robot, Nanase.

Nanase breaks down and suddenly informs him that the Earth will collide with a cosmic body soon.


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